9 Ways How to Froth Milk: The No-Nonsense Guide

According to a study conducted by Zagat, only 24% of Americans drink their coffee black, with a vast majority opting for added ingredients, predominantly milk (1). What gives coffee that special taste in most coffee shop chains and cafes is frothed milk.

The truth is, you do not need an expensive coffee maker with a frother to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. We all love that creamy texture and taste of frothed milk. Thus, here are nine easy ways to get it at home.

Note: Before getting into the details about each of the nine easy ways to froth milk, make sure that you pre-heat the milk between 140 and 155 degrees Fahrenheit. If the milk temperature is below 140, your frothed milk will probably not have that sweet taste. But going over 155 puts you at risk of burning the milk, making it taste bitter.

Non-fat milk and 2% milk are the easiest to froth, and they create beautiful bubbles (2).

1. French Press

One of the easiest ways to froth milk is by using the classic French press. Make sure not to overfill the press, though, because frothed milk expands and it will spill over. Just close the press and pump away at a rapid pace for about ten seconds. Do not forget to hold the lid.

Let the milk sit for one minute before pouring it. Then get ready to taste that creaminess.

2. Mason Jar

If you do not use a French press at home, a mason jar will do just fine. Pour hot milk in a mason jar and tighten the lid. You should consider using a dish towel or a glove to avoid burning your hand asyou grab the jar. Just shake the jar.

This method is quick and easy. It produces rather large air bubbles, though. So you might try tapping the jar after shaking for a smoother and less bubbly milk.

3. Whisk by Hand

This one works like a charm, as long as you have an egg whisk in your kitchen. Pour the hot milk in a whisking jar or other container and have a go at it with a whisk. A back-and-forth motion produced better results for us, rather than a circular one.

The consistency of frothed milk using this method is better than the jar method, although it requires more time and effort.

4. Frothing Wand

A frothing wand is a perfect accessory for frothing milk at home. Not only will you get fantastic foam using it, but it excels at mixing other ingredients with milk if you want to spice up your coffee.

Just pour your milk in a cup and submerge the frothing wand. Turn on the wand and watch as the milk changes texture to your liking. Frothing wands are inexpensive and, if you do not have one, you can pick one up at most supermarkets for a few bucks.

5. Automatic Milk Frother

For coffee purists that want the absolute best frothed milk—consistently having the same quality and texture—an automatic milk frother is the way to go. They are much cheaper than professional coffee makers with frothing features, and they deliver perfect texture and consistency.

The operation is easy. Pour the milk into the frother and let it work its magic.

ELectric Milk Frother

6. Electric Hand Mixer

Another DIY method is using a hand mixer. This works exceptionally well if you need to froth a larger amount of milk, and a frothing wand is not powerful enough to handleit. Pour hot milk in a mixing bowl or other container and turn on the hand mixer to medium speed. Wait for the milk to reach the desired texture and let it rest for a few minutes. Then pour.

7. Immersion Blender

An immersion blender can froth as well! Just make sure to use a deep pot for frothing. Otherwise, your kitchen will feel the wrath of the immersion blender and milk everywhere.

Pour hot milk into the deep pan and submerge the blades into the milk. Immersion blenders are very powerful, so make sure youuse the low-speed setting when frothing.

8. Countertop Blender

If you want tiny bubbles and smooth froth, a countertop blender might be your weapon of choice. Pour hot milk into the blender and secure the lid using a dishtowel. Let it run at medium speed until the froth is to your liking.

9. Pump Frother

For those who enjoy the vintage feel of making frother milk, a pump frother is a great tool. They are inexpensive and add that gourmet feel to making frothed milk.

Pour hot milk into the frother, but besure to leave some room, as the milk will expand when frothed. Secure the lid with your hand but protect it from burning by using a dishtowel. Pump the handle for 10 to 15 seconds at a rapid pace. Remove the lid and let that creamy goodness rest for a few minutes before pouring.

The Foamy Bottom Line

You might ask why froth milk in the first place? Perhaps, Mark Prince of CoffeeGeek.com said it best,

It’s a happy medium because milk helps elevate, enhance, modify, and even soften the sensory experience of coffee (3).

There you go! Nine quick and easy ways to make frothed milk and add wonderful creaminess and flavor to your coffee. All of the methods produce frothed milk with a different texture, sweetness, and bubble size. Try them out on your quest for a perfect cup of coffee to start your day.



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