Made to Satisfy

A Vibiemme espresso machine meets home and office needs in a breeze.  It easily makes espresso, coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, and more, and can make them as quickly and continuously as your needs demand.  Each espresso maker stems from a line of Italian innovators that have the knowledge needed and the taste standards to ensure each espresso from your machine satisfies your longing for full-bodied intense espresso with an excellent crema. In addition, their dedication to the highest quality materials guarantees a long life from each of their espresso machines. 


The Beginnings of Vibiemme Espresso Machines

faema-espressoVibiemme actually has its roots in FAEMA, an espresso machine company from Milan, Italy, that opened in 1945, thanks to the efforts of Carlo Earnesto Valente.  Valente's company worked extremely hard to increase the technology of espresso machines, and its breakthrough machine was the E61 group head, a model that used water-charge-infusion-discharge technology, a process still used on most machines today.  Excellent heating capabilities combined with user-friendly attributes quickly soared the E61 to the top of the line in the category of espresso machines.  Until the 70's, it was widely accepted that FAEMA made the best espresso machines in existence.  However, financial difficulties brought the company under, and by 1976, it was given to the state.

VBM Takes Over

Not to be undone, Valente regrouped and established an entirely new company: Vibiemme, pronounced V-B-M, for the three men at the head of FAEMA's management: V (Valente), B (Biancolini) and M (Meroni).  Holding to his philosophy of the highest quality of engineering behind each and every espresso machine, Vibiemme's espresso machines quickly achieved technical perfection.  Now they seek to maintain that same perfection technically and continue to grow by pushing the boundaries in design.vibiemme-domobar-espresso-machine2

Vibiemme Espresso Machines Major Innovations

  • First company to make the motor and pump both inside the espresso machine
  • First to create pressurized water through a mechanical pump (9 BAR); replaced previous piston-lever designs
  • Created the Domobar (domus = home|Bar = cafe) in 1983, the first espresso machine with commercial performance capabilities but designed for the home;  it is still the leader in its field
  • Created the first electronic machine (timer)
  • Has the first patent for an infusion system on the automatic group.
  • Both invented and patented a fresh water system; uses a third heat element to keep water 3-4 degrees less than the boiled water (ideal for tea and long blacks)


Italian Quality Espresso Machines

Vibiemme provides commercial performance capabilities and exceptionally high-quality espresso all in a home machine that anyone can easily use.  Because Vibiemme has been so innovative in its technological capabilities, it will amaze you with its professionalism and attention to detail.  Some of the benefits and features of various models include:vibiemme-domobar-espresso-machine

  • Gicar brand internal coffee boilers sensitive up to .2° C
  • Electronic dosing control recalls exact water volume preferred
  • Double broilers are used simultaneously for espresso and steam water
  • Heat exchanger allows continuous making of espresso shots
  • Hoses are made of braided stainless steel
  • Easily read boiler pressure with built-in pressure gaguge
  • E61 group head maintains water flow to heat exchanger in the broiler
  • Top of machine is heated and functions as a warming tray
  • Portafilers: made of professional grade brass
  • Steam wands and hot water heaters are both multi-directional
  • Features indicator lights and buttons for easy use
  • Temperature control devices maintain consistency
  • Displays water heat and water levels at a glance
  • Backed with over 50 years of innovative technology from the heart of Milan, Italy