Thermal Coffee Makers: Keep Your Coffee Hot!

Thermal carafe coffee makers are great to ensure that you will have your coffee hot and delicious every time you want a cup.   Like many other coffee makers, thermal coffee makers brew drip coffee, the most popular type of coffee consumed in America, and use the thermal to keep your coffee hot throughout the day.

carafeHow do thermal coffee makers work?

Thermal coffee makers work just like your traditional drip coffee maker:

  1. Put ground coffee beans (the more recently ground, the better) into the coffee basket.  Most coffee makers require the use of a paper filter for your coffee while some offer a reusable basket.
  2. Add your desired amount of water into the water chamber.
  3. Brew your coffee and enjoy it all day!

What's the difference between a thermal coffee maker and a traditional coffee machine?

Chances are you've made coffee before using a traditional drip coffee maker that drips coffee into a glass pot.  These coffee makers can have a heated plate on the bottom to keep your coffee hot as you need it.

Thermal coffee makers are just like traditional drip coffee makers, but instead of using the traditional glass pot, they use an insulated carafe made out of stainless steel to not only keep your coffee hot but also to keep your coffee tasting fresher, longer.  While the heated plate on glass pot coffee makers keep your coffee hot, the heated plate can scorch your coffee if it's left on the plate for too long.  As a result, this ruins the taste of coffee, making it one of the reasons why coffee lovers choose to use thermal coffee makers instead.