Teaposy TP-GIFT-CE Celebrate Tea Gift Set
Offers a Unique Look with a Borosilicate Glass Teapot and Several Teaposies That Are Naturally Infused with Jasmine for a Delicate Floral Taste


Teaposy TP-GIFT-CE Celebrate Tea Gift Set
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Enjoy the mesmerizing sight of flowering tea with the Teaposy TP-GIFT-CE Celebrate tea gift set. It comes with a clear glass tea pot that holds up to 24 oz of hot water. It also comes with 8 assorted teaposies and 2 herbal sachets.

One of a Kind
The Teaposy teapots are all handmade for added character. This means that each teapot is unique and no two teapots are exactly alike.

High Quality Tea
The Teaposy TP-GIFT-CE tea set comes with teaposies that are made of silver needle white tea. This premium tea features a delicate flavor and meets world-class safety standards.

The teapot that comes in the TP-GIFT-CE boasts an environmentally friendly construction. It's made from 20% recycled material for added peace of mind.

Healthy Choice
Tea is one of the healthiest beverages you can drink. White tea is especially good for you because it's one of the least processed teas. This means that it's full of antioxidants that help keep you healthy and prevent diseases.


  • Model: TP-GIFT-CE
  • Product Type: Celebrate Tea Gift Set
  • Product Dimensions: 8.25" x 5.00" x 9.75"
  • Product Weight: 3.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: Multi
  • Application: Designed to be a truly unique gift for any tea connoisseur
  • Construction: Glass
  • Includes Tea: Yes
  • Includes Teacups: No
  • Gift Set: Yes


  • Complete set - includes 8 teaposies in a reusable organza bag and 2 sachets of decaf herbal tea
  • Each Teaposy is vacuum sealed for the ultimate freshness and taste
  • Enjoy a rich flavor and unique taste with tea that's infused with freshly picked jasmine flowers
  • Environmentally friendly - teapot is made of 20% recycled material
  • Healthy - tea is naturally full of antioxidants
  • Includes high-quality tea that meets world-class safety standards