The Foundation of Teaposy Teapots, Teas and Accessories

TeaposyLogoA relatively new company, Teaposy began in 2005 when the founders brought in a kettle and a few teaposies to a Rochester, NY gift shop.  Flocking customers had them heading out to re-supply in hours, and when a little girl and her grandma fell in love with the tea, Teaposy took root.  It's now a blossoming, flourishing company that takes pride in touching its customers with beautiful products that encourage quality time and finding delight in simple moments.

Teaposy Glassware

Teaposy offers everything from elegant French presses and tea infusers to hand-blown glassware mugs and stunning teapots in eye-catching designs.  Regardless of whether you simply need a set of new mugs or if you're looking for a complete tea set, this brand is a must for anyone who feels that the experience is what counts.  Tea-drinking will be elevated to an entirely new level with any one of these products.

What is a Teaposy?TeaposyTeapot

A teaposy is a creation unlike anything you have ever seen before. With true dedication to the experience behind a cup of tea, each and every step of creating a teaposy is done by hand.  Tea leaves are heated and dried to remove any impurities and then a special tea design artist matches each individual tea leaf with another by length, until a perfect bundle is formed and then hand-sewn together.  The result is a beautiful, intricate flower that "blooms" when placed in boiling water.  Not only is the visual experience one that you will not soon forget, a teaposy is also infused with real jasmine -- not with perfumes or artificial flavorings.  And, to ensure that the essence of jasmine is as true and beautiful as the tea artists desire, the jasmine flowers are also hand picked during the peak of blooming season and mixed in with teaposies to infuse a rich, romantic scent.

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The Materials in Teaposy Teapots

Each and every Teaposy teapot is made with hand-blown glass, making it unique and one-of-a-kind.  The hand-blown glass is borosilicate glass, a glass formed through a process that includes adding boron and heating over burners that combine both oxygen and natural gas.  It may sound complicated, but the important take-away fact is that borosilicate glass melts at a higher temperature than typical glass.  Temperature resistant, lead-free, made from 20% recyclable materials, and capable of handling a range of temperature from -4° to 300° F, Teaposy glass is extremely ideal for high-end beverage glassware.  It also has increased durability and is both microwave and dishwasher safe, making maintenance and upkeep a breeze.

The Taste of Tea

Teaposy teas are as delicate as their names suggest.  They are created from only the finest teas in the Fujian province of China.  Teaposy uses only Silver Needle White Tea, which comes from the youngest buds of tea plants and is therefore the least processed of any tea.  This creates both a delicate flavor and a high antioxidant level.  All tea is harvested during peak season, 80% in the spring and 20% in the autumn.  The tea itself is picked, and then dried and withered for two hours at 212° F before it is sorted, one leaf at a time, to be sewn together with similar length leaves and a combination of jasmine, calendula, amaranth, rose, lily, chrysanthemum or carnation to become one of  the nine Teaposy Tea flavors.  The jasmine scent and flavor that is so beautifully infused into the teas comes from picking jasmine blooms at exactly 1:00 PM, the peak time, and then mixing with the teaposies for hours until the scent is naturally absorbed.  

The Teaposy Package

Teaposy teapots, teas and glassware are made to please from every aspect, even down to theTeaBox packaging that they arrive in.     Not only is every teaposy individually and immediately vacuum-sealed after its creation to preserve the ultimate fresh-picked taste, each teaposy is also adorned with the Teaposy logo.  In addition, Teaposy boxes reflect a dedication to beauty in and of themselves with featured original artwork.  Whether you display the box or use it as a gift, it's a central part of what Teaposy is all about.