Single cup coffee makers are ideal for households with just one coffee drinker or for environments where there are multiple hot beverage needs.  They are designed to accomodate a brew time specifically for just one cup, they dispense directly into a cup or thermos instead of a pot and they often work with pods, which allows for a variety in the type of beverage brewed.  If you're after a quick way to make just one cup of coffee for yourself, this is the way to go, and if you have an office setting, a single serve coffee brewer with pod functionality is ideal.  It allows your clients and employees to choose their own beverage, whether that's coffee, tea, cocoa or any one of the numerous types of pods now available, and it cuts down on your waste with coffee that doesn't get used by the end of the morning.

Not only are single serve coffee brewers available for coffee, there are now also single serve espresso machines.  If you're after a wider range for a larger base of people, we suggest a single serve coffee brewer. These will generally work with any type of pod or capsule, whether that's coffee, tea, cocoa, or a fancy mixed hot beverage.  Most single serve coffee makers also have a hot water dispenser function, a feature ideal for making things like instant hot soups or even breakfast oatmeal.

Pod Coffee MakerSingle Cup Pod Coffee Makers

When it comes to choosing a single cup coffee maker, the majority of options will include a pod functionality.  Not only is this the quickest way to make a cup of coffee (generally under a minute), it gives you the greatest variety.  Pods and capsules now range anywhere from basic black coffee to pomegranate green tea, to hot cocoa and mocha frappuccinos.  This is perfect if you like to change your mind on a whim, or if you are looking for a way to meet a large number of desires, like a workplace setting or a waiting area.  Clients, customers and employees alike, all will greatly appreciate the ability to be able to make any beverage of their choice.  And you'll benefit by reduced coffee waste and no need to use employees valuable time making coffee and cleaning up. 

Single Serve Espresso Machines

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If you are after the easiest possible way to make espresso, then the newest trend: single serve espresso machines, are perfect for you!  Some of our favorite manufacturers like DeLonghi Nespresso and Gaggia  are producing fantastic machines that dispense a single shot of intense espresso, from a pod!  Some machines, like the DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima EN680.M, can reach up to 19 bar pressure!  That's over double the required bar pressure to technically be an "espresso maker" and even higher than the average espresso machine pressure that lies between 14 and 16!  If you're worried about lack of quality or intensity, you can easily erase that fear!  They generally have pre-programmable settings for espresso, lungo and hot water, which means you can do an Americano easily! 

Our favorite single serve espresso machine, the Gaggia for Illy even has a steam wand!  This means you can take advantage of automatically frothed milk for instantly creamy milk-styled  beverages like your favorite lattes and cappuccinos!  It's also got a four-part Mavea water filter that not only improves espresso taste by removing hardness and impurities, it prevents scale and build-up in your machine, which enables it to work better for longer.  You can adjust the cup volume, steam control and change the tray height to fit the cup of your choice.  All the benefits and qualities of espresso, none of the work, and you don't need any special "barista-espresso-knowledge"!