Saeco SMK-06 Maintenance Kit
Includes Everything You Need to Descale Lime and Remove Coffee-Build Up and Water Impurities

Saeco Maintenance Kit

Saeco SMK-06 Maintenance Kit
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The Saeco SMK-06 maintenance kit will have your espresso machine back in top form in no time!  Easy to follow instructions and all the items you need make this an easy, smart purchase.

All Inclusive
With this SMK-06 Saeco maintenance kit, you will receive: 3 packets of machine descaler, 10 brew-group cleaning tablets, a tube of brew-group lubricant, a metal lubricant brush, an Aqua Prima water filter and a handy instruction manual.

Reach Every Crevice
The paintbrush like metal lubricant brush that comes included with this espresso machine mainteance kit allows you to oil the wheels of your brew-group and reach every crevice to prevent possible clogs or jams.

Better Tasting Coffee
Because the Aqua Prima water filter can remove impurities in the water that would affect the quality and flavor of your coffee, it's important to keep your filter replaced as needed.

Even though you may have never seen the internal boilers of your Saeco espresso machine, chances are good that they have a layer of limescale build-up.  The included packets of machine descaler in this Saeco kit will quickly break this build-up apart and give your entire machine a boost.


  • Model: SMK-06
  • Product Type: Maintenance Kit
  • Product Dimensions: 6.00" x 8.50" x 2.25"
  • Product Weight: 0.85 lbs.
  • Product Color: Multi
  • Application: Used to clean and descale espresso machines
  • Number of Applications: 3 descales, 10 cleanings
  • Works With: Any Saeco super-automatic espresso machine
  • Includes: Packets of machine descaler: (3), Group Cleaning Tablets (10), Brew-group lubricant, metal cleaning brush, Aqua Prima water filter, instruction manual
  • Removes: Lime deposits, taste-altering impurities, coffee build-up


  • Remove taste-altering water impurities with the brand new aqua prima water filter!
  • Includes everything you need in addition to a easy-to-follow instruction manual
  • Comes with a paintbrush-like metal brush to carefully apply lubricant
  • Your brew-group will be like new again after brew group cleaning tablets
  • Restores your Saeco espresso machine to new quality
  • Oiling the wheels of the brew-group prevents jams and clogs