Programmable Coffee Makers

Programmable coffee makers have become the perfect companion for coffee lovers that need that cup of coffee ready for them when they wake up.  They are some of the most used and probably most important appliances that many people have in their homes.  With their "set it and forget it" capabilities, it's easy to see how programmable coffee makers have made their way into our everyday lives.

How do programmable coffee makers work?

While programmable coffee makers vary by make and model, the steps for using them are pretty similar.

  1. Simply put your ground coffee (freshly ground for best results) into the coffee basket.  Most programmable coffee makers require you to use a paper coffee filter as well, although there are some units that have a reusable filter.
  2. Add the desired amount of water into the water chamber.
  3. Program your coffee maker for your desired time.  Some programmable coffee makers offer the ability to program them on a schedule so that they will automatically brew your coffee every day of the week.
  4. Enjoy your automatically freshly brewed coffee!

Great for coffee in bulk

What's great about programmable coffee makers is that many models can make numerous cups of coffee automatically.  The most common models offer 4 cups, 8 cups or 12 cups of coffee, making them ideal for serving the whole family, the office or for entertaining guests. 

Other great benefits of programmable coffee makers

Besides being able to set your coffee maker to brew your favorite blend of coffee for whenever you need it, there are some other great features that make them great appliances to have in your home or office.

Fast Brewing: Many programmable coffee makers are extremely quick in brewing your pot of coffee.  You can generally have a pot ready from the time you push the button in just a couple of minutes.

Pause Feature: One of the convenient features of these coffee makers is that with their pause feature, you can grab the pot of the coffee in mid brew and pour yourself a cup without interrupting the brewing process or making a mess.

Warming Plate: Even if you happen to sleep in a few minutes than you expected, with the built-in warming plate, you'll be able to enjoy hot coffee whenever you're ready.

Charcoal Filter: To get any water impurities that there may be in the water, there's a charcoal filter to ensure that you get a great cup of coffee every single time.