An Easy Choice for a Coffee Maker

proctor-silex-coffee-maker2When it's practicality and affordability at the top of your needs, then Proctor Silex should be at the top of your potential list.  You will find that you don't need to sacrifice the quality of your coffee for a more affordable option.  Instead, you'll find yourself claiming the "Tested. Proven." motto of Proctor Silex.  They put each and every one of their products through extremely rigorous testing procedures to measure durability and reliability in order to be able to place a product in your home that you can use confidently for years and years to come.

It Started With An Iron

As so often begins stories of great companies, Proctor Silex started incredibly small.  Proctor Silex owes it's existence to a one person start-up found in a 14 year-old boy from Jackson, Michigan, named Joe Meyers who had a passion for inventing.  He started out playing around with one of his mother's irons, an item which existed at the time only with fixed temperature settings.  He went on to design a way in which to create irons with adjustable temperature settings and by 1926, he located a company to support his endeavors and begin selling the first ever adjustable temperature iron.  Proctor & Schwartz, inventors of the automatic toaster, soon became captivated by the boy's company: "Liberty Gauge," and purchased it in 1929.  Proctor & Shwartz then manufactured toasters and irons for the next 30 years, until they picked up the Silex manufacturing company, producers of coffee makers.  This marked the start of Proctor Silex's introduction to a whole range of coffee products in 1960.

Proctor Silex Introduces Coffee Makers

Because Proctor Silex is known for producing quality items that are both practical and affordable, their coffee maker selection isproctor-silex-coffee-maker1 no exception.  You will not find fancy bells and whistles, but you will find just what you need to meet basic demands of your household in efficient, clean styles.  Their selection of 10 and 12 cup coffee makers come in both black and white and have standard features including: programmable clocks, automatic shut-off, auto pause & serve and brew strength selectors.  Their most advanced coffeemaker, the Proctor Silex BrewStation features a one-hand dispensing system that eliminates the need for a carafe.  Instead, you can place your mug or thermos directly under the dispenser and dispense just one cup at a time.  A built-in warming heater keeps up to 10 cups of coffee fresh and hot for up to four hours.