Milk Frothers

Ready to take your espresso to a new level? The addition of a milk frother allows you to expertly steam and froth milk and opens up a whole new world of espresso style drinks.  You'll be able to master making lattes and cappuccinos, all within the comfort and convenience of your own home and without the coffee shop price tag.  There's also something very soothing and comforting about creating a pitcher of warm, steamed and foaming milk that's perfect for an early morning pick-me-up or a calming mid-afternoon break.

Having a hard time deciding on the perfect milk frother for you and your lifestyle?  Read through this handy breakdown to see if one might be better suited to your level of expertise, your beverage preferences, and your time allowances.  You can break down milk frother types into the following categories: a hand-pump style, a stovetop steam frother, a milk frother wand or an automatic electric milk frother.

Hand-Pump Milk Frother

A hand pump milk frother is the most basic option available. While it cannot achieve the same texture and creaminess as other milk frothers, it is the most portable, requires no electricity, and is one of the most affordable options.  They look much like a French press and simply require you to pre-heat milk and then "pump" the screen up and down repeatedly for approximately 15-20 seconds.  That's it!  If you're just getting started in espresso or are looking for the most reasonable option, this is it.  Also makes a great backup for producing frothed milk in unconventional circumstances, perhaps camping or picnicking.

Stovetop Steam Frothers

Stovetop steam frothers are another very basic way to create frothed milk.  They are quick and nearly effortless and make a quality of froth that's ideal for lattes and cappuccinos.  They are generally stainless steel and create steam from pressurized hot water.  They also have the added benefit of being able to go from stovetop to table, where you can share the perfectly warmed and frothed milk with your guests.

Milk Frother Wands

A milk frothing wand can be corded or battery powered and works with both hot and cold milk.  They are very straightforward and easy to use, and work by propelling a stream of pressurized hot water steam into milk, while swirling the milk into a "funnel." As the process continues, the milk heats, becomes aerated, and begins to accumulate volume in the form or air bubbles. Perhaps the biggest perk in this type of frother lies in the warmth of the froth. Since it's already hot, your espresso temperature will not be altered and cooled unnecessarily.

Automatic Electric Milk Frothers

These are one of the easiest options and create some a very high quality milk froth.  However, they do run at a higher price tag than the handheld and basic stovetop options.  Most feature a dail to select your preferred temperature and foam quality, and all allow you to use cold milk and froth your milk, hands free.  Some also have openings to allow you to add in extras like shaved chocolate or vanilla.