Though Medelco was originally founded in 1976 as a company for medical electronics, the brand has since moved on to become a global leader for manufacturing and distributing coffee accessories. In 1981, the company established the One All brand, which specializes in making the lives of kitchen consumers easier. Medelco, under its president Elaine Robinson, has since become one of the top manufacturers of coffee carafes that fit 90% of all coffee makers in use today as well as permanent coffee filters that fit all coffee makers using standard filters. Since the establishment of the One All line, Medelco has even introduced appliances to help its customers make coffee or even hot water in a snap.

Making coffee is simple

Instead of using regular drip coffee makers that require you to make more coffee than one person usually needs, you can make enough coffee for yourself with the Medelco KF111. This single cup coffee maker is part of the One All brand, which means that it fits onto virtually all mugs. It's easy to use and requires few steps: simply boil water, add coffee grinds into the filter, and pour through for a cup of fresh coffee in just seconds. Medelco makes sure that any product you use is one of the best - that's why it includes a permanent gold filter with the KF111, which filters out more coffee grounds and never needs to be replaced!

If you want to make more coffee, then perhaps the PK008 percolator is a more suitable unit. This coffee percolator can make as much as 8 cups of coffee with each use. It comes with a trivet, allowing you to easily make coffee the old-fashioned way - right on the stove! The PK008 features high quality construction, with materials that are dishwasher-safe and stain-resistant. For example, the glass that Medelco uses with the percolator is thermal-shock resistant, lab-quality borosilicate glass, which won't crack even as the liquid inside goes straight from a high temperature to a low temperature in a second.


Using permanent coffee filters


The problem with most coffee makers is that they rely on paper filters to make coffee, which is not only expensive but also extremely wasteful. This is where Medelco comes in. The company's exclusive universal One All permanent filters do what paper filters can't - they last through everyday use, and they're dishwasher safe! Medelco's coffee filters feature high-quality, surgical-grade stainless steel wire mesh construction that won't wear and tear for years of long-lasting use. This economical and eco-friendly alternative allows you to stop wasting money on paper filters that have to be trashed after just one use. Additionally, the stainless steel mesh helps you filter out more coffee grinds from your coffee, leaving you smooth and delicious java every time. Best of all, like other One All products, the permanent filters fit virtually all coffeemakers with standard #4 cone, 4-cup basket, or 8-12 basket filters.

You'll probably need stronger coffee carafes

Most coffeemaker models, both new and old, only come with weak glass carafes that shatter after only a few uses. This problem becomes a hassle - not to mention it's very unsafe. Medelco's universal glass carafes eliminate this problem. These carafes all feature durable borosilicate glass, which is the same kind of glass used in laboratory settings! It lasts longer and doesn't break as easily. Additionally, these glass carafes each come with a lid and adaptors in different colors, allowing you to match your carafe with your coffee maker. And with measurement markings, Medelco's One All carafes let you see exactly how much coffee your coffeemaker has made. These units come in various sizes and fit 90% of current coffee makers on the market. Simply check the Medelco fits list to see if the glass carafes fit your coffeemaker!


However, when you're not careful, even the borosilicate glass can be broken. That's why Medelco took its carafes one step further by introducing two stainless steel coffee carafes, which can be used indefinitely if properly taken care of. They are a great, economical alternative to glass carafes and won't have to be replaced often, if at all. Though these carafes only come in two sizes, 4-cup and 12-cup, they can fit a variety of different coffee makers (see the fits list). Moreover, these One All stainless steel carafes from Medelco won't dull or rust, even after thousands of washes. They're even dishwasher safe!

Medelco helps you make tea, too!

Last but not least, Medelco's One All line includes a useful appliance perfect for those who prefer tea over coffee: the stove top whistling tea kettle! This unit lets you make tea the old fashioned way. Borosilicate glass construction makes the unit easier to maintain and doesn't impart flavors to your water, leaving every cup of tea tasting fresh and pure. A drip-free spout also helps you eliminate messes and spills. The WK112 features a whistling lid that is loud enough for you to hear, but not loud enough to be obnoxious and piercing. It even includes a metal heat diffuser perfect for use with electric stove tops, adding versatility and comfort to the tea-making process.