Low Cal Coffee Drinks
Boost Your Diet & Treat Yourself Too

Why Low Cal Coffee Drinks?Low Cal Coffee Drinks

First, why not low cal coffee drinks?  Who isn't counting calories these days?  And, for that matter, who isn't drinking coffee?  Coffee drinking is constantly increasing, as is America's desire to find low-cal, low-carb, and low-fat everything and anyting.  And, while some of the brave and true coffee lovers might be more than capable of downing a nice 2 calorie cup of straight black coffee, there are others of us who prefer a little extra somethin'.  Something, generally equating to sweet and/or fattening.  In other words, calories.  That's why coffee shops don't display posters the size of walls that are cups of plain black coffee.  No, they tempt us with frosty beverages that are piled high with whipped topping and dripping in fudge and caramel with cookie crumbles on top, for good measure.  There are plenty of coffee shops who unnecessarily cram more than the your average entire daily calorie intake into one coffee drink.

But, who says that there aren't alternatives?  There are, in fact, plenty of delicious, sweet, tempting, tantalizing low cal coffee drinks that you can make yourself. 

Plus, not only do homemade low cal coffee drinks cut your calories, coffee is a metabolism booster and energy booster, which means you can work out harder and burn more calories all day long.  Win-win!  Did we mention coffe can boost your mood too?  Yeah, coffee on a diet = one good idea.

The Winning Ingredients -- Swap Time

These are the ingredients we reccomend sticking to for making your drinks on the low calorie side.  As always, moderation is the key, but by making some simple switches, you can easily cut a hundred calories or more from some of your favorite drinks.

"The Coffee"
Stick to lighter, milder and sweeter roasts.  If you're accustomed to highly flavored coffee drinks, an intensely black or extremely strong black coffee will make you feel the need to add more to dillute the intensity.  You can also opt for naturally flavored coffee beans, like hazelnut or french vanilla roasts that offer some flavor but without any additional calories.  Try an Americano (shot of espresso and water) as your base; many people to find an Americano to be more sastisfying and filling than a cup of coffee

"The Sugars"

Stevia -- for the natural lovers, all natural and calorie free
Splenda -- less of an aftertaste than Stevia, also zero calories 
Honey -- be careful. We tend to think of this as a healthier alternative, but honey is just as high in sugars and calories.

*One teaspoon of sugar has approximately 16 teaspoons.  Swap it and save roughly 30 calories.

"The Milks"

Swap out, of course, whole milk for skim or fat free
Try soy milk and get a boost of protein while you're at it (more filling too)
Light vanilla soymilk makes a fantastic "latte" and your milk, sugar and flavor is done in one simple step

*One 1/4 cup whole milk has approximately 38 calories, 20 from fat.  1/4 cup fat free milk has 20 calories, 0 from fat.  Swap and save nearly 20 calories.

"The Creams"

Do away with regular whipped topping and opt for light or fat free
You can make your own by whipping half and half and adding in some sugar-free sweetener and a dash of vanilla

*Just 1 tablespoon of whipped topping has 25 calories. 1 tablespoon!  Who puts just 1 tablespoon on their coffee?  Nobody.  Coffee shops sure don't.  Four tablespoons (100 calories) would even be on the low side.  Skip whipped topping alltogether, save 100 calories.  Swap and opt for fat free and take the per tablespoon count down from 25 to 15, so at 4 tablespoons, save 40 calories. 

"The Volume"

Making a blended coffee drink with ice is a fantastic way to make yourself feel fuller.  The volume you'll take in is greater than if you were just to down a cup of coffee.  Plus, it'll take you that much longer to drink it, also allowing your body to register a full feeling before you've finished.

Choosing the Best Low Cal Coffee Drinks -- The Secrets

Allright, hopefully by this point you're convinced that they can not only not be bad for you, but low cal coffee drinks can be good for you.  Now to convince you that they can actually taste good!  Let's start with frappuccinos (coffee & ice blends) When making your own, pick one "accent" flavor to treat yourself to, whether it's vanilla, caramel, chocolate, etc.  Steer clear of things like vanilla-caramel-frappuccino mocha-style recipes.  Even with your best attempts to go fat-free and sugar-free, that's just asking for trouble.   Blend together a mixture of coffee, ice and sugar-free sweetener and then a touch of whatever flavor you're opting for.  It's as simple as that.  When ordering out, ask for the same thing, specifying skim milk, sugar-free sweetener, etc.  Ask for 1/2 squeeze if you're adding a syrup, you'll cut your calories even further.

When Holidays roll around, try to skip the seasonal beverages.  They're beyond loaded with sugars and fats and you're already at a time of year when there are plenty of other indulgences.

If you're at a coffee shop, never feel afraid to request nutritional information if it isn't readily available. 

Try adding coffee to a frozen yogurt smoothie.  You'll get protein, a filling beverage, and meet your coffee craving.  With some caffeine for metabolic boosting too.

Blend up a Slim Fast frappuccino with ice.  Truly as easy as it gets.