Taste and See the Difference

There's nothing quite like a cup of espresso that's been made from Lavazza.  The combination of highly scrutinized coffee beans with a unique roasting system and a packaging design that maintains all the flavor and aroma infused into the roasted beans is like nothing else you will find anywhere else.  Lavazza offers a wide variety of coffee for both home and commercial use and also offers specialty coffees in addition.  There's a reason that 75% of Italian families drink Lavazza, and when it comes to espresso, Italians know best!

History of Lavazza Coffee

As so often happens with the best of the best, Lavazza coffee stems from just one man, a pocketful of change, and a dream to succeed. lavazza-van2 Mr. Luigi Lavazza left his small hometown in the countryside of Italy and ventured into Turin at just 25 years old start his own business.  Fast forward ten years, passing over time spent as a manual laborer, a factory worker, a shop worker and years of night school business courses and finally, classes at the municipal school of chemistry.  We then find Lavazza, in 1894, as the  proud owner of "Paissa e Olivero," a local grocery store he bought for 26,000 Italian lire (about $20).   Luigi was exceptionally gifted when it came to coffee making: processing blends, knowing the optimum ingredients and determining the perfect degrees of roasting to create the best taste.  Thus, it was there in his small grocery store that he finally began to develop his passion and started roasting and selling his coffee.    Lavazza coffee spread rapidly locally and as they expanded from retail sale to wholesale, Lavazza began to take grow even faster on a regional level.  By 1927, the grocery store officially became: Luigia Lavazza S.p.A.

Vacuum-Packed Coffee

lavazza-coffeeBy the 60's, the entire process of roasting coffee had come so far that it was already completely mechanical and Lavazza returned to innovation by introducing the first ever vacuum-packed ground coffee.  This allowed coffee to maintain and preserve that "just ground" taste and flavor for months, a concept completely new and revolutionary for coffee drinking.  This skyrocketed Lavazza's sales and led to an entirely new packaging technique that used aluminum and plastic to replace expensive tins.  Lavazza then turned his attention to marketing and came up with the very successful slogan now often attached to Lavazza, "The more you drink it down, the more it picks you up."  Thanks to Lavazza's ingenuity and his keen taste that allowed him to discern the best possible roasting methods, Lavazza S.p.A. has continued to grow yearl after year.  In 1900, there were six employees.  By 1996, there were over 1600 and over 100,000 tons of coffee roasted.  Today, Lavazza Coffee leads the market of espresso in Italy where 75% of families buy Lavazza, as well as the entire coffee market, of which they cover 45%.


Lavazza Coffee Process

Achieving the reputation for such consistent high-quality coffee comes from an intensely precise computer-controlled production process.  Everything from processing and bean storage, to roasting and packaging is monitored to the minutest detail.  The process begins when coffee beans arrive at the local plant in Turin where they are cleaned and color-selected with an electronic optical scanner that picks out and eliminates low quality beans. This high-tech scanner has the capability of covering 300 beans a second and selecting poor colors, ie: under ripe/green: bitter and astringent tasting; overripe/fermented tasting of alcohol and sulfur; and black beans which come from dead seeds with plant diseases that cause a heavy flavor.  Because there are approximately only 50-70 beans in one cup of espresso, it is extremely important that each bean is perfect.  After being carefully selected, beans are roasted in special machines that use temperature-controlled hot air-blowers, as opposed to the beans coming into direct contact with the heat.  This maximizes the flavor of each bean. 


The Key to Lavazza Coffee Packaging

Because packaging is known to be the most sensitive part of the entire process, Lavazza pours a great deal of time and energy into ensuring the highest level of accuracy.  It is crucial that there is never prolonged contact between the essential oils of coffee with light, moisture, or oxygen, as these destroy flavor and aroma by the oxidation that occurs.  This creates am unpleasant and/or rancid odor.  All Lavazza coffee beans are packaged in vacuum-sealed packs immediately upon roasting and each package contains a unique valve that allows carbon dioxide to escape but does not allow any oxygen to enter back in.

Four Cores of Lavazza Coffee

To this day, there are four core principles that Lavazza stands upon.espresso1

  • Innovation:  Continually strive to try new things and push the boundaries to higher levels
  • Evolution:  Constantly strive to think ahead into what the future of espresso drinking can/should look like
  • Research: Always put the work necessary into determining what makes the best flavor, taste, feel, etc.
  • Experimentation: See the importance of taste and play with what can be done to preserve the flavor