La Pavoni: The First to Invent the Espresso Machine

La Pavoni S.p.A is a product of Desiderio Pavoni, a genius in the world of espresso.  He was a man with a vision and a small workshop in the heart of Milan.  His first invention, in 1903, was the world's first espresso machine!    It combined a method of mechanics that used just 1.5 bar pressure and allowed steam and water to pass through the coffee during the brewing stage.  It prepared espresso ready to drink in under a minute and introduced drinking "espresso" coffee at the bar, first in Italy, then Europe and eventually across the world.  However, this process tended to create a sour, "burnt" taste.  By just 1948, a new invention came out of La Pavoni.  This one used water taken from the boiler while put under ten bar pressure.  It was then filtered through coffee by a piston under ten bar pressure.  This completely eliminated the burnt taste and ultimately revolutionized espresso flavor. 

La Pavoni Leverage Espresso Machines

lapavoniespressomachine3La Pavoni offers one of the most extensive arrays of leverage espresso machines.  If you are a coffee connoisseur who likes to play a major role in the creation of your espresso, then a leverage machine is your best option.  Because you control the pressure in how fast you pull the lever, how long you hold it down, and even whether or not you want more than one pump, you have much greater control on the ultimate outcome, taste and feel.  You also have a more intimate connection with the experience.  As opposed to pushing a button and walking away, you can play with variations and tweak your standard method until you perfect your drink. Some feel that there is less crema produced, but the uptake is that you generally get a more concentrated liquid.

Pump Espresso Machines

La Pavoni's domestic line also includes a wide variety of pump machines, from the more standard Puccino PCL model seen on top, or the the Espresso Inn seen below.  La Pavoni pump machines are very easy to use and offer many benefits:
  • No waiting time for machine cool down
  • No wait between brewing and steaming
  • Almost no chance to scald coffee
  • Abundant, quality crema

The biggest advantage to pump espresso machines is probably considered to be the crema.  Because they work by using an internal pump to force water through grounds at high pressure, the high pressure produces a very high quality crema.  Steam machines, on the other hand, perform by heating water until it boils and building up the needed pressure to force the steam through the coffee grounds.  The disadvantages:  no crema is produced and because the boiling water is so hot, there is a greater tendency for the coffee to taste burnt.



La Pavoni Coffee Grinders

lapavonicoffeegrinder2/ lapavonicoffeegrinder1/

In addition to their selection of espresso machines, La Pavoni offers exceptionally high quality coffee grinders.  You can meet almost any need with options including: small, personal sized grinders with few frills to semi-automatics machine with a 2.3 lb. capacity and built-on- tamper with coffee dosing. La Pavoni has the products to not only satisfy, but to exceed your expectations.  Only the finest quality materials are used and the deep Italian coffee-making history that La Pavoni stems from is steeped in every coffee grinder.