When it comes to making delicious ice tea, the easiest possible way is simply to use an iced tea maker!  By taking all the guesswork out of the water-tea-ice ratio and allowing you to simply pour in water and go, you can enjoy fabulous glasses of refreshing ice tea, all summer long with almost zero effort!  You can forget about putting a pitcher of water outside and waiting all day for it to brew, and you will never need to turn on your stove and create additional, unnecessary heat just to make ice tea.  Just add water and tea, brew and enjoy! 

Perks of Iced Tea Makers

Coffee drinkers don't have to settle for anything less than automatic and delicious coffee makers, why should making ice tea be any different?  With an iced tea maker, you eliminate the time traditionally associated with making iced tea, either naturally with the sun, or by brewing it on a stovetop.  Both require planning in advance and much more of your effort than an iced tea maker.  The water-ice ratio is determined for you, and you can add as much tea or as little tea as you like, depending on your preference.  Most iced tea makers also come with an adjustable brew strength so you can fine tune the flavor and intensity even further.

Three Steps

With an iced tea maker, there are only three things you need to do.  Number one, you pour in cold water.  Easy right?  Number two, you simple insert tea, wehther loose leaf or tea bags, the option is entirely yours.  Third:  you add ice.  That's it!  Just push a button, and within minutes you'll have an entire pitcher of freshly brewed ice tea.  No sun needed.  No heating up the kitchen in the peak of summer.  Simply pour yourself a glass and go relax!