It's a huge misconception that true coffee lovers only like to drink their coffee straight. In fact, most coffee lovers like to spice it up a bit when it comes to enjoying one of their favorite beverages. With literally hundreds of different ways to change up your traditional coffee beverage, why limit yourself to the same ole' black coffee every time?

While hot-drink makers haven't gained the popularity of your traditional drip coffee makers, they're certainly on the rise (people that have them, love them!) and if you're someone that loves hot cocoa or any other hot, mixed beverages, a hot-drink maker may just become one of those appliances that you'll fall in love with.

Most people think that hot-drink makers are just for creating hot cocoa but that's simply not the case. They're great for making all sorts of hot beverages like cappuccinos, lattes, flavored coffees, mochas, hot cider, chai lattes and you can even use them for random things that need to be kept warm while in the kitchen (one user likes to use it to keep chicken broth hot for cooking!).

mixed-coffee300X200How Do Hot-Drink Makers Work?

If you aren't familiar with hot-drink makers, you may not have experienced how easy these appliances are to use. They're truly a set it and forget it appliance that are sure to keep you and everyone else enjoying hot, mixed drinks in no time.

Here's how they work:

  1. Put all of your ingredients into the mixing container (liquid of your choosing and any mixes to go along with it)
  2. Push the button on the machine and walk away.
  3. Come back just a few minutes later to have your beverage hot, mixed and ready for you to enjoy.

Different Types of Hot Drinks to Make

Perhaps the most popular, and tasty hot, mixed drink to make is the Mocha. And can you honestly think of too many things much better to add to coffee than chocolate?

There's an incredibly large variety and selection of chocolates that can be used with and equally large variety of coffee beans to make a delicious mocha beverage. For some of the adventurous mocha coffee drinkers, you can mix a Yemeni coffee with some dark chocolate for a more foreign blend or for a lighter taste, just a little Ghirardelli milk chocolate in an American roast can be quite tasty.

If you want a completely different type of coffee experience, there are tons of different flavors that you can add. Vanilla, almond and cherry are great flavors to add to a Brazilian coffee and these flavors will actually lighten the the acid that's generally in these brews.

For the even more adventurous that would like a more "adult" beverage, there's the ever popular and delicious Irish Coffee. Simply take hot coffee and mix it with Irish whiskey, sugar and top it with a little bit of cream to have a delicious kick to your coffee.

Why You'll Love It

hot-drink-makerHot-drink makers are one of those appliances that most people never think they need but once they get it, they absolutely fall in love with it. For making Hot Cocoa alone, having the ability to literally throw everything into the mixing container, push a button and walk away as opposed to standing there and making sure that your milk doesn't boil over has made this appliance a must have in many homes (especially if you have kids!).

What's great is besides being easy to use, hot-drink makers are very easy to clean. Most hot drink mixers have only two components, the bottom base which is the heating element and the mixing container for your beverage. Once you're done enjoying your hot drink, simply rinse the mixing container in hot soapy water and you're ready to enjoy the next hot beverage