Grindmaster has built itself up over the last 99 years to become a company with an extensive range of products that includes everything from coffee grinders to coffee and tea brewers, as well as hot powdered beverage makers, cold drink dispensers and frozen beverage makers.  In 2009, they joined with Cecilware to become Grindmaster Cecilware and took on Cecilware's excellent collection of coffee makers and coffee grinders as well.  Their motto is still to become the single source, next generation, beverage and foodservice equipment distributor.  By recognizing customer needs as soon as they arise, they make it a priority to find the solutions that will make the customer moist satisfied.  Throughout its existence, Grindmaster has played a vital role in determining the beverage related products currently available and continues to push the envelope  with new products.  Above all, Grindmaster Cecilware desires that it is the customer who has the best experience possible in the purchase and use of any of their products.

Grindmaster Grinding Burrs

Grindmaster is famous throughout the world for their burrs.  They offer the best warranty program in their industry, proving they believe their products are truly the best out there. Many of their burrs are backed with warranties as high as: 4 year parts or 30,000 pounds of coffee, whichever comes first. Each burr is precision cast to ensure a uniform grind with every batch of beans.  

Grindmaster Cecilware Coffee Grinders

grindmaster coffee grinder


Whether it's commercial or home use that you need, Grindmaster Cecilware has the best to offer for both.  In the commercial world, Grindmaster tops the line with machines that can satisfy demands as large as those in a grocery store, as well as those that perform excellently in coffee shops.  They also offer Slimline options for places where demand is great and space is limited. Dual hopper styles make it easy to store a variety of specialty beans, as well as basic regular and decaf beans, and for added re-filling convenience, you can detach the hoppers.  Tthey offer the ultimate options in portion control, and fully-automated choices make it ideal for locations when accuracy matters.  The options also greatly reduce overflow and waste.  In addition, Grindmaster has unique Espresso Grinders with European style burrs that are designed to produce the best espresso grind possible.


What stands out about a Grindmaster Coffee Grinder and a Cecilware Coffee Grinder?

  • Clear hoppers provide excellent bean visibility

  • Always a wide range of grind settings: Turkish to Course, Espresso to Percolator

  • Granulating-style burrs ensure extremely accurate and consistent throws

  • Powerful motors on all grinders

  • Specialized machines for grinding espresso beans

  • Customizable colors and graphics

  • Steep slope hoppers provide positive bean flow

  • Bean counting capability

  • Un-matched warranties

Grindmaster Cecilware Coffee Makers

Not only does Grindmaster have high quality standard coffee makers that are built with top of the line materials, they have innovative and convenient features like raised warmers to keep coffee warm without burning it and ruining the flavor.  Grindmaster even offers pod machines.  If it's just one cup of coffee you need, a pod machine makes your life incredibly easy, and unlike most machines, a Grindmaster pod coffee machine allows you to control the brew and flavor strength.

grindmaster home coffee maker grindmaster pod coffee maker grindmaster commercial coffee maker
Home Pod Commercial

Convenience in Dual Coffee Makers & Coffee Grinders

grindmaster coffee grinder and coffee maker

Grindmaster Cecilware makes it exceptionally easy to use freshly ground beans with each and every pot of coffee by attaching high-quality, professional coffee grinders to the coffee makers themselves.  Commercial sized machines are capable of storing up to 6.5 pounds of coffee beans and brewing up to 2.2 liters of coffee at a time.   You not only save space with a combination coffee grinder/coffee machine, but you also eliminate the mess and waste associated with pouring coffee beans from the grinder into the filter.