Gaggia Espresso Machines


Italian coffeemaker Achille Gaggia patented the world's first stream-free coffee with a cream machine on September 5, 1938, and within 10 years had created the Gaggia S.p.A company, a name now backed by quality and reliability across the world. To this day, all products are still made in Milan, Italy, in the Robecco sul Naviglio plant and then shipped around the globe, finding their places in homes and coffee shops alike.  It is currently Italy's top selling espresso machine manufacturer, and as a brand that prides itself on innovation and technological evolution, its motto is to "constantly evolve tradition." This dedication and their immaculate attention to details enables Gaggia to bring consistent quality and the latest technological additions as coffee and espresso evolves to meet our ever-growing needs and wants.

Gaggia 90950 Platinum Vision Automatic Espresso Machine
Enjoy cafe quality espresso at home with the Gaggia 90950 Platinum Vision automatic espresso machine, which features an easy to use touch screen and professional grade internal components.

The Inventor of "Crema"

Gaggia Home Espresso Machines

Originally a manufacturer of commercial machines, by 1977, Gaggia S.p.A began to produce the first home espresso machines, an area that has since become a large area of the entire production.  The range covers everything from classic manual machines to extremely automated models.  The domestic line includes automatic, traditional and capsule coffee machines, as well as coffee grinders.  Gaggia has also introduced Gaggia for illy and Gaggia for illy Plus , a project that combines the knowledge and experience of two major Italian brands to form extremely innovative espresso machines.  They have also teamed up together to create the iperEspresso Capsule System, a break-through capsule design that delivers an intensely rich, full-body espresso that produces fantastic crema that lasts up to three times longer than typical capsule or pod crema.gaggia-espresso-machine

Automatic Espresso Machines

  • built-in ceramic coffee grinder: silent, adjustable, high performance
  • Opti Dose: freedom to select the amount of coffee beans to grind
  • two boilers: one for coffee, one for steam/hot water
  • Espresso Plus System: mild to strong options
  • Auto-Cappuccino System: auto-cappuccino jar brews frothing milk directly into cupgaggia-coffee-grounds
  • doser: option to use ground coffee
  • Rapid Steam: the time from coffee and steam delivery is mere seconds
  • removable brewing unit: makes maintenance easy
  • adjustable coffee dispensing head
  • LCD digital control panel
  • 180 ° swiveling steamer
  • filter to remove impurities
  • manual cup lift
  • cup lift is automatic or manual

Manual Espresso Machines

  • 3-way solenoid valve: instantly relieves pressure for drier espresso puck and easy disposal
  • Rapid Steam: time from coffee and steam delivery is mere seconds
  • Dose System: electronic system memorizes preferred espresso and regulates quantity in cup
  • Touch-ring: select functions with touch of a button
  • unique filter: 2 "crema perfetta" filters function with either ground coffee or coffee pods
  • cup warmer
  • swiveling steamer

Capsule Espresso Machines

  • optimized pressure for the best extraction
  • automatic capsule expulsion
  • iperEspresso capsules: offer crema that lasts up to three times longer than typical capsules or pods
  • programmable volume button: customize drink size
  • adjustable cup holder
  • swiveling steam wand: quickly steams and froths milk
  • low maintenance
  • little to no cleanup



Gaggia Coffee Accessories

Gaggia also offers a range of accessories to accompany their espresso makers.  Their coffee grinders and coffee dosers make it incredibly easy to control the exact size of the coffee grounds as well as your preferred quantity.    You can even set the built-in timer and walk away while your coffee grinds.  Stylish milk stands offer convenient storage and unqiue porta-filters further intensify the espresso In addition, Gaggia offers a wide array of cleaning products, from machine decalcifiers to coffee cleaners