What's That? The Frieling Feeling?

Frieling thinks they've got a way of doing things that's different from everyone else, which is where their phrase "Frieling Feeling" stems from.  Their mission, to make work/life/play in the kitchen easier, healthier, more enjoyable and more convenient, keeps them striving to make and design products that will get you hooked.  By creating "contagious" products, they hope to prove themselves with just one product that will keep you coming back for more and more of that one-of-a-kind Frieling Feeling.  And, because they offer such fantastic, high-end kitchen products, their plan is absolutely working.  Try just one Frieling product and you'll see what sets them apart.

The Frieling Beginnings

Frieling USA has its roots in the "original" German-made Frieling products.  In 1988, Monika and Bernard Schnacke opened up shop in New York and began to market strictly German Frieling products.  They then relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, just two years later and formed strategic international alliances with partners that included: Esma,  Durgol, Swissgold, Victorian Bakint, Cilio, Sitram and Ovens.  Today, just over 20 years later, Frieling USA, Inc. is clearly thriving and has become a reputable and an entirely woman-owned minority business.

Frieling Milk Solution: MILKChiller

Frieling designed and patented the "Milk Chiller," the first certified milk cooler\server for commercial use that met the Nationalfrieling milk chiller Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards.  Now coined "MILKchiller," it has an incredibly economic and user-friendly dispenser.   You simply use standard 1/2 gallon cartons that easily slide in and out of the compartments and with a push of a button quickly dispense any desired amount.  Wasted milk begins a thing of the past instantly! 


frieling milk frotherThe other dispenser, the MILK2froth, makes frothing milk easier than it's ever been before.  Instead of grabbing milk from the fridge, tracking down the hose and attaching it from espresso machine to milk carton, frothing, cleaning the hose, and puting everything away, only to repeat, you can skip all of the steps!  The MILK2froth stays connected to your espresso machine and keeps milk cool twenty-four hours a day.  It's small enough to fit almost anywhere, keeps milk at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below, and stays connected with a flexible hose at all times.  It's super fun and easy to use and a very innovative product that Frieling has introduced to market.  Both dispensers are NSF compliant and ready for commercial use!