French Press Coffee Recipe

The French Press Coffee MakerStainless Steel French Press

Although from all appearances, the French Press maker looks foolproof, as with any type of coffee maker, there are tips and tricks to perfecting the coffee process.  We see lots of questions about how to make the best cup of coffee with a French press, what the proper ratios for coffee and water are, just how long to let it brew, etc.  So, in an effort to make things as easy as possible, we're offering up a special French Press Coffee Recipe.  Follow these "ingredients" and steps to achieve delicious, high quality coffee with each and every use.  And, just for kicks, read all the way down, because we've got a French press coffee recipe for other exciting stuff, like frothed milk, and whipped cream!

French Press Coffee Recipe -- Basic Coffee


French Press
Pre-filtered water
Coarsely ground coffee of your choice (Very important, fine grinds will clog the filter.) 

  1. The first step is to begin to heat the water.  You can bring it to a boil and let the rolling boil die down, or heat it to an almost boil and pour in immediatelyscoop of ground coffee.

  2. While your water is coming to a boil, you will want to portion out your coffee grounds.  A general ratio is 1 rounded teaspoon per 4 oz. cup.  You can adjust this higher or lower based upon the strength you prefer.

  3. Remove the plunger, and pour your coffee grounds into the French press.

  4. When your water has reached a near boil, immediately pour on top of the grounds and stir the brew gently.  Be sure to leave a minimum of 1 inch of empty space at the top.

  5. Replace the lid and plunger on the top of the press, but do not push the plunger down.  Turn the lid so that the opening to the pour spout is closed.

  6. Let your coffee brew for 3 to 4 minutes until the coffee reaches your desired intensity.  The longer your coffee brews, the more bitter it will become.

  7. Slowly push the plunger with a minimal pressure until it reaches the base of the French press.  Turn the lid to open the pour spout, and pour out a cup of coffee.

Additional Uses for a French Press Coffee Maker

Did you know that a French press is not just for making coffee?  It is, in fact, an excellent kitchen tool useful in a myriad of other fashions.  It's excellent for straining, brewing things like loose leaf tea, making mexican hot chocolate, re-hydrating food products (filter holds them down while they soak in moisture), mashing/pureeing fruits and even foaming milk and creating whipped cream.  The last two are our favorite uses, since they're both very practical for coffee.  Want the recipe?  We thought you might!

French Press Coffee Recipe: Whipped Cream

This is the easiest, most eco-friendly way to make whipped cream. It requires no electricity, the ingredients are all natural and as organic as you want them to be, and it tastes even better than storebought varieties!

whipped cream
1 pint heavy whipping cream (cold)
1/4 cup teaspoons powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla


  1. Combine vanilla and cream in French press
  2. Add powered sugar
  3. Insert plunger and move up and down rapidly.
  4. Cream will turn thick and fluffy 
  5. Top off of a delicious latte or a fresh batch of strawberry shortcake!

French Press Coffee Recipe: Frothed Milk

This is the same principle as whipped cream and one of our favorite and most affordable ways to create frothed milk for lattes and cappuccinos.  In fact, you can brew a cup of delicious coffee, pour into a mug, and then froth your milk in your French press immediately after.  The heat will give a steamed effect, and you'll only use one dish!


1 cup milk (2% or whole milk works best. The higher the fat content, the better froth you will achieve and the easier it will be to create)


  1. Pour milk into warm (preferably) French press
  2. Insert plunger and move up and down rapidly
  3. Stop plunging when a gentle foam is reached
  4. Pour into freshly brewed coffee to create a wonderful latte