Farberware Percolatorsfarberware percolator

Farberware comes to the rescue when it comes to making coffee quickly!  Farberware "Super-Fast" percolators can brew a cup a minute!  Known as the "Millennium" line of Farberware, the percolators are available in 2-4 and 2-8 cup sizes, consistently maintain the one cup per minute standard and automatically switch from brew to warm to keep coffee at it's optimum temperature until you're finished!  They also feature conveniently detachable cords that enable you to brew a pot and then go straight to serving, without the bother and hassle of pouring from pot to carafe.  They are crafted from durable stainless steel and Farberware carries an extensive line of parts that you can purchase separately in the event you need doubles or another of anything.  It's tough to beat the deep coffee aroma that a percolator will flood throughout your home.


Farberware on the Lower East Side

farberware story logoIt was at the turn of the century in 1900, when tinsmith S.W. Farber established a humble basement shop in Manhattan's Lower East Side and and spent long hours pounding out sheets of copper and brass to create basic household items like bowls and vases.  Not until 1930, did appliances find their way into Farber's product list, when he created the very first Farberware percolator.  To this day, over 100 years later, the same quality and ingenuity that Farber put into that first percolator is what keeps Farberware percolators in the forefront of their market.  By 1937, Farber invented the "Coffee Robot," a product that kept coffee warm for hours after it had been brewed and in 1938, he designed the "Broiler Robot," a machine that even had a device to indicate when it was ready for use.  Now, over a hundred years later, Farberware still prides itself on quality, tradition, reliability, a classic style, and products that have lasting value. 

Farberware Carafes

farberware carafesFarberware offers three excellent choices for carafes that allow you to keep your hot beverages warm until you are ready to serve and make it easy to keep fresh, hot coffee just an arm's reach away at all times.  The Bebe brushed stainless steel carafe is an elegant, simple and sophisticated option, as is the Ripple stainless steel carafe that is polished to an exceptionally high gloss finish and features an easy trigger mechanism that allows for pouring without removing the spout.  The final Farberware carafe option is completely different, the Lucia translucent carafe features a glass liner, patented drip resistant spout and can hold up to one liter of any beverage to keep chilly drinks cool and hot beverages steaming!  It comes in fun, frosty colors including: pink, lavender, purple, mint, blue and yellow.