Elektra not only represents high quality, precision-made espresso machines, it represents a family: the Fregnans.  This family designed, owned and run business is now synonymous, half a century later, with an expertise and wide knowledge of all things espresso.  In 1947, they created a prototype of the first production lever espresso machine.  Three years later, with the decision to set out and design a truly winning products, those that would take the world by storm, they accomplished their goal by designing very user-friendly, easy-to-handle espresso machines.  Unmatched quality and a competitive marketing strategy have enabled Elketra to break into the highest international markets and sustain itself as a thriving company.

The "Elektra" Philosophy

The company name, Elketra, stems from the Greek word for "a shining object": "elektron" and is used in honor of the Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of the radio, who named his daughter "Elettra" in honor of "electricity" and the energy that represented his experimentations.  Elektra espresso machines infuse that same energy and that same thirst to evolve into each product. With over 25 patents to their name, Elektra continues to push the innovation so crucial to making leaps in the competitive world of espresso.

1947 Elektra family fregnan family current 1999

Unsurpassed Dedication to Quality and Your Satisfaction.

Each Elektra espresso machine is the result of countless hours of design and brainstorming, a combination of the commitment, creativity and initiative that Elektra prides itself on maintaining as the core factors of the company.  The espresso machine parts, 80% of which are manufactured in-house at the company's headquarters in Treviso, Italy, are each individually and meticulously tested before being used. After a machine reaches completion, it is then tested non-stop for a solid 48 hours.  For the Belle Epoque line, each and very machine in the manufacturing phase has it's own specific person in charge of it.  Each process of production and packing involves minutely detail-checking every part of the machine, up until each and every final product is hand-carried out of the building for shipping.   Elektra also has a 48-hour spare part delivery guarantee.

The Elektra Espresso Machines

With each Elektra espresso maker comes a connection to the roots of the family.  The Nivola line, for example, is representative of its designer: Andrea Fregnan, an engineering graduate who is fond of the fifties style.   Each machine is easy to maintain, is made of top quality materials, and offers features unique and special that allow you freedom within the brand to find one that meets all of your demands. Whether you choose from their Casa (home) line or their Bar line, you can be assured only the richest, deepest espresso from cutting-edge extraction processes. 

Some of the various features include:

  • Removable cup warmers
  • Automatic frothing exactly when temperature and steam pressure are right
  • WTS -- a water treatment system patented by Elektra, controls the taste and improves quality of espresso
  • Electronic protection of heating elements
  • Electronic protection from over-heating
  • Automatic testing of the efficiency of the regeneration of solenoid valves
  • Automatic testing detects operating faults