Drip Coffee Makers

An automatic drip coffee maker is the most popular piece of coffee making equipment throughout the world. Essentially, heated water is filtered through freshly ground coffee beans, extracting its flavor and delivering the satisfying liquid known as coffee. The ubiquitous device brews fresh coffee in a few minutes.

Drip Coffee Makers: Make a Cup of Joe

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How does a drip coffee maker work?

  1. Drip coffee makers have a chamber where cold water is held
  2. Coffee grounds are placed in a filter, which is nestled inside a funnel
  3. The cold water in the reservoir is boiled
  4. A percolating pump directs the water through the funnel
  5. Brewed coffee empties into a coffee pot below the funnel

Best for coffee in bulk

Drip coffee makers are sold to produce a specified amount of coffee. The most common models make 1-cup, 4-cups, 8-cups, or 12-cups of coffee. Drip coffee makers are the best method for making large batches of coffee at once. They're ideal for large families, entertaining, and office settings.

If you want to make less coffee than your machine's capacity, the water holder has hash marks showing how much water to use for few cups.

Plan ahead with drip coffee makers

If mornings are hectic, a nice advantage to a drip coffee maker is that it can be set up the night before. Since a drip coffee maker is a closed system, you can rest assured that water or beans inside the machine won't be contaminated overnight.

If you have a similar schedule everyday, it would be worth purchasing a coffee maker with a programmable timer. Otherwise, coffee making is a simple as pushing a button when you wake up.

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Most caffeinated

Compared to other method of making coffee, automatic drip coffee makers make coffee with the highest concentration of caffeine. This is due to a relatively slow extraction time, giving a drip-cup that caffeinated jolt.

Something extra?

The most basic coffee maker models simply brew java, but many come with extra functions. Keep in mind that these bells and whistles are reflected in the cost and can break more easily. However, as long as the model you choose is good quality, a coffeemaker with the right features can help save time and make the experience more enjoyable.

Features include:

  • Clock: Allows for the coffee to auto-start, so coffee is ready at a specific time. Some models even allow for a different start time every day to perfectly match your schedule
  • Pause Button: Allows the flow of coffee to temporarily pause so a cup a' joe can be poured before the entire pot is filled
  • Brew strength adjustment: Adjusts the exposure time between the water and grounds; the longer the beans are brewed the stronger the coffee tastes
  • Coffee grinder: Models with grinders takes away a step you would otherwise have to do by hand. Holds beans and grinds them just before coffee is brewed. The more recently beans are ground, the stronger and more flavorful your cup will be.
  • Permanent filter: Includes a mesh metal filter which can be re-used, in place of paper filters