Creano's Holistic Vision

creano tea cup

When drinking tea is less the idea of warm, flavored water and much, much more about an experience, Creano steps in.  With a vision built upon turning tea drinking into a holistic experience, they pay attention to the minute details of a tea and take into consideration each of the senses and the levels ways in which they can make drinking tea an exciting and aesthetic adventure. To this end, they offer everything from the glassware to the tea itself. 

Creano Glasscreano tea pot

Each piece of Creano glassware is traditionally manufactured, by hand, in select factories and therefore entirely unique.  Because tea-drinking is exactly the type of experience that ought to be tailored on the individual level, it only makes sense that the glassware you drink it from should be unique to you and you alone.  In addition, Creano uses only borosilicate glass, which is less dense, more resistant to thermal shock and also more resistant to breaking.  It is ideal for high-quality beverage glassware due to these properties, and in addition, it is also microwave and dishwasher safe.  Creano also develops each Design itself.  The Creano tea pot started the Creano Design art, which has led into their now world-famous "Diamond Design" featured at right.   They also offer a double-walled glass teapot in "Diamond Design," which keeps the tea hot inside, but the outside feels comfortably warm.  This very conveniently eliminates the need for a teapot warmer.

Creano Abloom-Tea

Only a few master "tea-binders" in the tea-growing region of China are aware of the secrets that go into Abloom-Tea.  More than tea, each Abloom-tea is a piece of art and handcrafted to blossom and reveal its beauty only when placed into boiling water.  The white tea used by Creano is "Silver Needle," or Yin Zhen, named for the delicate silver color of the hairs on the tea buds.  It is a rare tea and handpicked just at the peak of its perfection.  It is even said to be the world's most exquisite of the teas.  In addition to their divine white tea, Creano also offers a black, which is known as red tea in China due to an unusual reddish color in infusion compared to standard black teas.  It offers a very mild taste and is produced from the Bzi Hao Yin Zhen Silver Needle, like the white tea.  The difference between the white and black tea comes from the refinement after the harvest period of the buds.

Seasonal Abloom-Teas

The spring teas come from the very first picking only when the weather is exactly right and at a precise time of day.  Spring tea is very light, sweet and fruity.  Autumn teas are also picked only under optimal conditions and tend to produce a slightly more intense taste.  Flavors include: creano abloom tea

  • Jewel Droplet
  • Blossom Rain,
  • Queen of Gold
  • White Affair
  • Silver Wedding
  • Solstice