Coffee Stain in Carpet?
No Problem.

Whether you're planning ahead for a coffee stain in carpet or if you're right now trying to figure out how to clean up a spill that just took place, we'd like to assure you that there's no need to panic.  Skip the meltdown and head straight for your kitchen.  There's no reason to rush out to the store and buy an expensive carpet cleaner; there are plenty of household kitchen items that will work perfectly well.  And remember that if the first attempt doesn't work, you're not out of luck, just try another.

ABC's for the Fresh Coffee Stain in Carpet

It might sound cheesy, but one of the best methods for cleaning up a fresh coffee stain in carpet is the basic ABC method.  Your first method of cleanup is to (A) absorb.  This is as simple as grabbing some rags or towels and soaking up as much coffee as possible, repeating until you can't gather any moisture in your towels.  After you've absorbed all the coffee you can, skip ahead to (B) and blot. Blotting simply means pushing down and then releasing the pressure; use a clean towel for best results.  Never rub the stain in, you'll just push it deeper into the carpet fibers and make it more difficult to remove. You'll want to pour cool water (not warm or hot, both of these can actually set the stain and make it permanent) on the stained area and then blot up the water.  This allows you to dilute the stain and thin it out to soak up and absorb even more.  After you're positive you've pulled all the coffee out that you possibly can, then it's finally time to (C) clean.  Here's where your kitchen comes in handy.  You can easily clean up the stained area with a basic water/dish soap mixture.  For coffee stains that really got set before you got to them, try a vinegar-water solution.  We recommend a 1 part water to 3 part vinegar ratio (preferably white vinegar).  The best cleaning method is to use a sponge and scrub gently, working from the outside of the stain to the inside.

(If that Didn't Work) -- Removing Tough Coffee Stainscoffee-stain-in-carpet/

Sometimes simply blotting with water won't cut it.  If this is the case, opt for pouring either baking soda or salt (rock salt works best) over the entire surface of the stain.  This will help absorb even more of your coffee by drawing it out from the fibers.  Leave it on for a minimum of 30 minutes, and as long as a few hours.  You can clean it up with a cloth or a vacuum to really get all the salt or soda out.  If your stain has really set and is especially stubborn, you can also strengthen the intensity of the vinegar solution.

More of the Best Methods for Removing Coffee Stains in Carpet

Another option for cleaning up coffee stains is to use a very light hydrogen peroxide mixture, somewhere around just 3% hydrogen peroxide to 97% water.  Pour the mixture on your stain and allow it to rest for approximately 1 hour.  After it's fully soaked into the stain, go ahead and blot out what you can.  Finish by placing a clean, fresh towel on top of the surface with a heavy weight on top.  Allow it to sit, as is, overnight.  The towel will soak up any lingering moisture clinging to your carpet strands, leaving you with a spotless surface in the morning!  One last option for cleaning (after absorbing and blotting) is to try an egg yolk cleaner.  After mixing one egg yolk with just a touch of rubbing alcohol, gently press the mixture into the carpet and give it a chance to sit and rest before rinsing and blotting again. 

Be Careful --Carpet Stain Removal Tips

When it comes to cleaning that coffee stain in carpet, there are plenty of options available, including those listed above, as well as purchased cleaning products, but there are also some important tips that you'll want to remember.  Though we mentioned a couple before, they deserve repeating: 1) Never use heat on the stain.  You'll virtually guarantee a stain for life if you apply heat and enable it to set the stain deep into the fibers of your carpet.  2) Always avoid rubbing when blotting.  It's another sure way to push the stain in deeper.  3)  When scrubbing with a sponge (after blotting!) always work outside in to avoid spreading the stain into an even larger area.  4) Test out any cleaning solution on an unnoticeable section of carpet, including all of the above mentioned techniques.  There's nothing worse than a stain on top of a stain, so never take a risk.  Test, test, test!  5) Prevent wicking (coffee stains re-surfacing) by placing a towel on the cleaned surface with a heavy weight on top and allowing it to sit overnight.