Coffee percolators have been an extremely popular way of brewing coffee over the years and are a timeless favorite brewing method for many coffee drinkers.  Percolators expose the coffee grounds to higher temperatures than other brewing methods and can also recirculate coffee that has already been brewed through the beans.  This results in an extremely pleasant aroma and a more robust coffee than many other brewing methods. 

How coffee percolators work

The name coffee percolator stems from the word "percolate," which basically just means to filter through. In this case, the water is simply filtering through the coffee grounds to brew the coffee. 

There are 2 basic ways a coffee percolator can work:

  1. Force the boiling water under pressure to go through the grounds in a separate chamber.
  2. Continually cycle boiling liquid through the coffee grounds using gravity until the desired strength of the coffee is reached.percolator-1

Best uses for coffee percolators

Coffee percolators are generally designed to produce a larger amount of coffee and are extremely easy to use.  The most common models make 4 cups, 8 cups or 12 cups.  This makes coffee percolators a great way to brew a large amount of coffee at once. 

Coffee percolator benefits

  • Simple to use: Simply add water and ground coffee to the percolator, plug it in and wait for the coffee to be ready.  Many electric percolators come with a light to let you know when it's done.
  • Easy to clean: Most percolators have a filter basket that is easy to remove and clean.
  • Long lasting: Many coffee percolators are made of metal and tend to last longer than many other brewing machines.
  • Versatile: These appliances come in both electronic and non-electronic versions, making them very easy to be used in a wide range of situations.  Whether you're out camping and need to make a cup of Joe or are in the comfort of your own home, a percolator is a great way to brew coffee.
  • Relatively inexpensive: Percolators are relatively inexpensive and cost around $18 - $20 for basic models.