The Right Coffee Machine for Your Office

Equally difficult to selecting the perfect home coffee machine can be selecting the ideal coffee machine for your business and/or office.  Whether you hope to provide a source of good, quality coffee for your clients, or simply a perk for your employees, the options awaiting you in this day and age are plentiful.  From a one-cup automatic coffeemaker to a commercial sized pour-over that best suits your needs, you can easily find the machine you need right here at Coffee Home Direct, and we're here to help every step of the way!

Office Size | Coffee Machine Size

bunn vlpf coffee makerThe first thing to determine is quite possibly the easiest: what is your business size?  Are you in need of a constant supply of coffee for a steady supply of clients/customers?  Do you have 50+ employees who will be taking advantage of a coffee machine?  If this is the case, you will probably want to opt for something with a constant, and large brewing capacity and a machine designed to hold up to heavy use.  A BUNN VLPF is an excellent example of a coffee machine up to this sort of task.  It can brew a half gallon at a time and up to 3.8 gallons per hour.  It's designed with stainless steel internal components for superior durability that can withstand heavy traffic day-in and day-out.  It's also got two warmers, which is important for days when a back-up is necessary.  You'll be able to deliver coffee during an office meeting, all while brewing another pot at the same time.

Single Cup Coffee Machines

Cafejo-Single-Cup-Coffee-Maker/ Single cup coffee machines have been taking the world by storm lately, particularly within offices.  While the cost of purchasing coffee pods is greater than that of bulk coffee grounds, the enjoyment both your staff and clientele will reap is often well worth the additional cost. Every cup will be freshly brewed, and the options for your staff is tremendous, the selection now is as wide as coffee and tea to hot cocoa and cappuccinos.  Additionally, you reap the benefit of much less waste and almost no cleanup and work.  In fact, automatic, single cup coffee machines like the Cafejo Single Cup Coffee maker have built-in trash bins to accompany an auto-eject pod system.  There's absolutely no splashing coffee, no dripping coffee filters, and none of the hassle of making coffee repeatedly throughout the day.  If you're currently paying someone who has to devote time to doing this hourly, both of you will appreciate cutting out that tedious and unnecessary task.  The Cafejo model is designed for offices as small as 5 and as large as 50, so you have great flexibility with what kind of needs you can meet. 

Standard Commercial Coffee Machines

bunn 12 cup coffee makerIf you don't have a demand great enough to warrant needing a coffee machine like the BUNN VLPF that will produce nearly 4 gallons an hour, nor the budget or desire to invest in something like an automatic, single cup coffee maker, then there are plenty of standard size commercial coffee machines ideal for your office.  BUNN carries an excellent selection, and because they're known for durability and the ability to withstand heavy, constant use, they make excellent choices and come in a variety of styles.  Perhaps a commercial style, 12-cup pour-over with 2 warmers is just what your office needs.  It's small enough to fit just about anywhere, but features the capability to produce good, consistent coffee all morning long and the added bonus of 2 warmers gives you flexibility in how much you need to immediately make or want to have on stand-by.

Brewing Over the Decision

Bringing a coffee machine into the office is one incredibly easy way to boost office morale on a daily basis.  You will often find that your coffee machine becomes the local gathering spot, giving employees a chance to re-boost their productivity and take a quick 5-minute "mind-break" to grab a refill.  Since the majority of us can't live without our "daily dose," the option to drink fresh, delicious coffee at work is rarely overlooked.  And, when it comes to your clients, you'll be amazed at the appreciation you'll receive just by having hot coffee on hand. So, take a look into the various options, consider your budget in terms of the coffee machine itself, as well as the long term costs of what you'll be using, ie: coffee beans vs. pods.  But, don't forget to consider things like time and energy saved with machines that eliminate the need for anyone to make the coffee or clean it up regularly.