Coffee and Weight Loss

Caffeine and Weight Loss

The weight loss aid industry is one that is growing at a rapid rate annually, along with our obsession for any of the quickest, easiest ways to lose weight.  And, if you've paid any attention to the ingredients in these aids, more often than not, they've got a hefty doses of caffeine.  Naturally, the question arises in the minds of coffee drinkers whether or not there is a correlation between coffee and weight loss.  The problem with verifying this stems from a lack of solid, concrete studies.  Most that have been done are both small and inconclusive, varying from a small likelihood there is any connection between coffee and weight loss to the chance that coffee can actually cause weight gain. 

In light of the fascination with the coffee and weight loss side of the spectrum, let's consider some of the major reasons why coffee and caffeine in general are considered plausible means of losing weight with a rebuttal for why they may or may not be valid.

     Metabolism Boost.  It has been proven that caffeine causes an increase in the body's metabolic rate.  We also know that a higher metabolism causes us to burn more calories, regardless of our activity level. 

The problem with this is that the amount of caffeine in a cup or two of coffee is negligible when it comes to increasing the metabolic rate enough to burn the calories necessary to lose noticeable weight.

     Appetite Suppressant.  Coffee is also documented and known to suppress appetite.  And, clearly, the lower our appetite, the less we will be inclined to eat, meaning a possible lower calorie intake for the day and if so, could mean dropped pounds.

However, the appetite suppressing properties of caffeine only last as long as it is in our system.  This would mean you would have to drink coffee continuously all day in order to suppress your appetite, and as we know, suppressed appetite does not necessarily mean we will eat less anyway.

     Energy Booster.  The caffeine in coffee obviously gives an energy boost, which is why many of us drink it in the first place.  It can also improve mood and boost concentration.  There is a general opinion that the energy boost from coffee will lead to a more intense workout, meaning more calories burnt.  People are often also more likely to work out and exercise when they are in a good mood.

Once again, though this may be true, it only works if it is followed through.  Drinking coffee to get an energy boost will do nothing more than boost your energy if you don't work out.  You have to get yourself to the gym or to the running trail and actually get motivated to burn the calories.  The energy boost itself won't do it.

     Natural Diuretic.  Caffeine is a proven diuretic, which means more frequent elimination and less weight overall may appear on the scale.

Note that weight loss here does not equate to fat loss.  The pound that may disappear on the scale is going to come right back.


While there may not be conclusive evidence that drinking coffee can increase weight loss, drinking coffee and intaking caffeine can certainly be manipulated to help you lose weight.  You can take advantage of suppressed appetite in the morning, and you can take advantage of an energy boost and mood boost to get you to the gym and burning those extra calories.  A cup of coffee probably won't take off a pound, but a cup of coffee can get you geared up to do an activity that will.