Coffee and Espresso in the Workplace

Coffee at the Office

In our opinion, there is no better workplace environment than one that offers coffee and espresso!  And, as companies begin to take advantage of easier ways to make better coffee for their employees (we want you to re-think the overly weak and burnt coffee typical of the workplace), more and more people are drinking their coffee at work and from work.  Statistics have already shown that at least for the afternoon, more people get their coffee from their work location than from a coffee shop.  This is good news for coffee drinkers and employees alike.  It's not rocket science to make a decent cup of coffee anymore.  With the right products, we'll have your employees drinking delicious coffee and espresso from your office all day long. 

Coffee and Espresso Benefits for the Employer

But, if you're the employer, chances are, you're wondering what's in it for you, right?  You're seeing dollar signs for buying the coffee maker and you're seeing time to keep up with coffee and filters on stock.  If you don't think it's worth it, we'd like to tell you that you're wrong!  Here are some benefits you'll notice effective immediately:

  • Alert employees.  It's true.  We don't have to remind you about the caffeine properties of coffee.  With just a cup or two of coffee you will instantly have employees more on top of their game and ready to face whatever tasks you have for them with a new vigor.  Nothing is worse than an entire office full of sluggish, sleepy workers.  Yawning might be contagious, but so is energy.

  • Increased productivity.  This follows suit.  More alert means employees who are going to get more work done.  And, we're pretty sure you'll like that.  Likewise, you'll probably notice more creativity, better functioning overall, and sharper thinking skills

  • Happier employees.  Coffee and espresso drinks are certainly known to boost the mood.  And, not only do they awaken and cause heightened senses of thinking and creativity, they can also have a calming effect.  This is especially true for those of us who are used to drinking coffee on a daily basis.  If, for some reason, we are unable to swing by the coffee shop and grab our favorite dark blend, we're likely to be a little agitated for a good portion of the morning.

  • Employees on time.  Coffee shops are incredibly unpredictable.  They may normally take 10 minutes, but they could just as easily take 20 tomorrow.  The wait time is entirely out of your employees control, and you know they aren't going to leave until they've gotten their cup.  Having coffee for them at work means they'll be on time much more regularly.

  • Create workplace camaraderie.  Nothing makes it easier for employees to get to know each other and instill a sense of companionship and security in the workplace than gathering around a quick refill or a short coffee break.  And, employees who feel safe and secure are going to perform better, bottom line.

Coffee and Espresso Machines for Your Office

To reduce your fears even further that bringing coffee and espresso machines into the office means all cost and no benefit, we want to share some of our favorites with you.  Both coffee and espresso making is becoming even easier than ever.  From a super automatic espresso machine that will do just about everything for you (except perhaps drink the coffee) to pod coffee makers that make just one cup of whatever you would like in under a minute flat (note: no wasted employee time) to basic, standard coffee makers that now include features to adjust brew strength and temperature adjustable warming plates to eliminate overheating, no matter your preference or your budget, there are coffee and espresso machines for your office.   Keep those employees productive and smiling!

Basic Coffee and Espresso Machines

Basic coffee and espresso machines are defined as the standard, no bells and whistles options.  They will brew quality coffee, but they are probably not programmable and most likely don't offer things like LCD screens and clocks.  We would recommend a drip coffee maker for a basic option, or even a thermal coffee maker if you want to go a step higher.  Thermal coffee makers are particularly useful in office settings because they are designed to keep large pots of coffee hotter and tasting fresher for longer periods of time than a standard glass carafe coffee maker would.  Basic espresso machines will dispense just one shot at a time, but if you make the decision to have an espresso maker in your office, we recommend a pod espresso machine.  These require no user knowledge, unlike traditional espresso machines.

Coffee and Espresso Machines for Large Offices

For serving large offices, one of the best options is a pour over commercial coffee maker.  BUNN has many great offers that include dual carafes, and brewing capacities as high as 3.8 gallons/hour. Grindmaster is another terrific option.  Not only can you get commercial size coffee makers with airpots to keep coffee hotter and fresher longer, you can also get commercial sized two-in-one coffee grinder/coffee brewers if you really want to treat your employees right!  Nothing beats coffee made with freshly ground beans.  Grindmaster has options that include 3 warmers in one coffee maker, a feature especially ideal for settings with large numbers.  You can brew two pots of regular and one of decaf and be ready to meet everyone and anyone's needs.

Top Pick: Pod Coffee and Espresso Machines

If you want your employees living in the lap of luxury when they come to work, then we suggest treating them with something extra special!  Our favorite way to do this is with pod coffee and espresso machines.  Pods eliminate all the prep work, all the cleanup, take only one minute to brew a cup, and most importantly of all, offer your employees the widest variety possible.  You can meet the needs of espresso drinkers, coffee drinkers, tea drinkers, afternoon iced tea drinkers, even latte and macchiato drinkers.  Pods come in just about every flavor.  The BUNN AutoPOD is our favorite for office settings.  It has an auto-eject system that automatically ejects pods for the user and dispenses them in a dispenser (which you can install under the counter if you'd like).  It will store all used pods until the end of the day, so there's no time lost whatsoever in cleaning up after a pod machine.  You could also offer your conference room guests any beverage of their choice, which we think is pretty impressive.