Cafejo CBS1119 Chai Tea Pods 72-Pack with 40 Second Brew Time
Features Steamed Tea Leave for Exceptional Flavor and a Standard Size Pod that's Ideal for Most Brewers


Cafejo CBS1119 Chai Tea Pods 72-Pack
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The Cafejo CBS1119 Chai tea pod 72 pack will transform your tea drinking experience instantly.  The exquisite combination of black tea and spices will fill your home with a delicious aroma, and you'll want to keep drinking cup after cup.  Good thing you'll have a supply of 72 pods!

Raw Leaf
Cafejo tea pods are made with steamed tea leaves, which increases the rich and fresh qualities inherent to raw tea leaves.  If you've never tasted tea made with steamed leaves, you're in for a treat!

Quick & Easy
Not interested in waiting around for your tea to brew?  With the Cafejo CBS1119 tea pods, you can go from start time to cup in hand in just 40 seconds flat!  Simply insert the pod, push brew, and toss the spend pod.  So easy!  So clean!

Special Blend
The unique blend that Cafejo uses in the Chai tea pod combines black tea with special spices to create a delicious and exquisite cup of Chai every time!

Guaranteed Fresh
Cafejo CBS1119 tea pods are packaged in a 99% nitrogen environment to ensure that each and every individual pod tastes extremely fresh.


  • Model: CBS1119
  • Product Type: Chai Tea Pods 72-Pack
  • Product Dimensions: 16.00" x 9.25" x 4.75"
  • Product Weight: 3.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: Multi
  • Application: Ideal for single pod brewers
  • Quantity: 72
  • Flavor(s): Chai


  • Just 40 seconds away from a satisfying and soothing cup of Chai!
  • Pods packaged in a 99% nitrogen environment to guarantee freshness
  • Pre-measured tea leaves ensures just the right amount for the best flavor
  • Standard size ensures use in almost all single cup pod brewers
  • Tea leaves are steamed to increase raw tea leaf qualities and intensify aroma and taste
  • Unique and specialty blend of spices and a strong black tea