Cafejo CBS1094 Decaf Columbian Ground Coffee 18 Pack
Includes 18 Pods Containing 2.5 Ounces of Freshly Ground Gourmet Coffee Beans

Cafejo Decaf Columbian Ground Coffee

Cafejo CBS1094 Decaf Columbian Ground Coffee 18-Pack
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The Cafejo CBS1094 Decaf Columbian ground coffee 18 pack is one of our favorite options for decaffeinated coffee pods!  You'll love the mellow and sweet flavor that makes it perfect for any time of day, especially for an after-dinner cup.

Nothing Easier
The Cafejo CBS1094 coffee pods are designed specifically for use with a single serve coffee brewer, which makes them one of the easiest possible ways to make coffee!  You'll be able to brew your coffee in under a minute flat and won't have to deal with any cleanup or mess! 

Nothing Fresher!
Because Cafejo packages all of their coffee pods in a 99% nitrogen environment, the coffee will taste and smell just as fresh as if you had just ground the coffee beans yourself moments earlier.

Only the Best
The beans used in these Decaf Columbian ground coffee pods are made only from 100% Arabica beans especially chosen by Cafejo. 

Drink & Enjoy
We're confident that the delicious flavor and aromatic properties in these decaf coffee pods will soothe you and satisfy even the deepest coffee craving, so drink and enjoy.  And since you'll have 18 of them, you can share too!


  • Model: CBS1094
  • Product Type: Decaf Columbian Ground Coffee 18-Pack
  • Product Dimensions: 12.00" x 7.50" x 6.00"
  • Product Weight: 3.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: Multi
  • Application: Specially made pods for use in single cup pod brewers
  • Bean Type: Arabica beans
  • Flavored Coffee: Yes
  • Flavor: Yes
  • Coffee Flavor: Slightly sweet caramel taste with a clean and mellow finish
  • Pre-Ground: Yes
  • Whole Beans: No
  • Pods: Yes
  • Quantity: 18 2.5 ounce pods


  • A little sweet and a little caramel equates to a deliciously mellow cup, perfect for any time of day
  • Cafejo packages every pod in a 99% nitrogen environment to ensure freshness!
  • Designed for use in a single serve coffee brewer, which means under a minute brew time!
  • Made with only the finest Arabica beans
  • Pre-measured takes the guess work out of the delicate coffee/water ratio!
  • Tastes gourmet and smells like you just ground the coffee moments before!