Cafejo CBS1025 French Roast Coffee Pod 72 Pack with Intense, Concentrated Flavor
Offers 10 grams of Precision Ground Coffee and a 40 Second Brew Time


Cafejo CBS1025 French Roast Coffee Pods 72-Pack
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The Cafejo CBS1025 French Roast coffee pod 72-pack will enthrall you with it's deep, intense flavor and smoky overtones.   These coffee pods are ideal for any standard coffe pod coffee maker and are incredibly easy to simply use and toss -- no work, no cleanup!

French Roast
If you like your coffee bold and deep, then the Cafejo CBS1025 French Roast is for you!  Their French Roast is their most intense, concentrated offering, and when you combine the bold taste with a smoky overtone, you're in for a whole new experience!

40 Seconds
There's almost nothing quicker when it comes to making coffee than using coffee pods.  From start to finish, all you need is 40 seconds, so there's no wait time and you can be on your way with a delicious steaming mug of coffee almost instantly!

Zero Cleanup
With a Cafejo coffee pod, you simply have to insert it into a standard pod coffee brewer, push a button for extraction and then toss your used pod.  It's truly as simple as that.  There are no coffee grounds to clean up, and there's no chance for overflowing carafes or spilling during pouring.

Gourmet & Delicious
Cafejo is known for producing high quality, gourmet coffees, and the CBS1025 is no exception. The French Roast  produces both an exquisite flavor and mouth feel.


  • Model: CBS1025
  • Product Type: French Roast Coffee Pods 72-Pack
  • Product Dimensions: 16.00" x 9.25" x 4.75"
  • Product Weight: 3.00 lbs.
  • Product Color: Multi
  • Application: Ideal for brewing single cups
  • Bean Type: Coffee
  • Flavored Coffee: No
  • Flavor: No
  • Pre-Ground: Yes
  • Whole Beans: No
  • Pods: Yes
  • Quantity: 4 case, 72 pack


  • Coffee pods work with most brand name pod brewers
  • Every pod contains precisely 10 grams of ground coffee for consistent results
  • French roast provides a deep, intense flavor with definite smoky overtones
  • Single serve coffee is as easy as it gets and requires almost no cleanup!
  • Takes just 40 seconds from the start to a freshly brewed cup of coffee