Cafejo is designed to meet coffee demands on a very individual level.  Whether you are supplying coffee for your home or for an entire office, Cafejo brings you everything you need, from the coffee itself to the coffee maker and even the server, in order to ensure that you can meet nearly any type of demand, all with the convenience of having just one machine.  Cafejo understands that coffee is unique and that one type of coffee or hot beverage will never please the masses.  They also know that it's impossible to have a different machine for every desire.  Hence, they've developed machines that use convenient portion packs or single cups that can be anything from espresso gold and decaf French roast to cocoa and cappuccino.


Cafejo Single Cup Coffee Maker

Cafejo-Single-Cup-Coffee-MakerCafejo offers a wide variety of coffee makers, including single cup, pour-over, automatic and bottled water thermal brewers.  If you are seeking to accommodate multiple tastes and offer a large selection for a group of people, there's almost nothing better than a Cafejo Single Cup Brewer, designed for offices of 5 to 50. Cafejo Single Cup coffee makers work with Cafejo pods as well as other standard pods and eliminate the waste of an entire pot of coffee, as well as cleanup and mess.  A push of the button dispenses hot coffee or tea, and the auto-eject system discards the used pod in a built-in trash bin.  It's as easy as it gets.

Cafejo Thermal BrewersCafejo-Thermal-Coffee-Maker

Cafejo Pour-Over Thermal Brewers are designed for 5-25 people and are designed to turn themselves on as you pour the water in and then turn themselves off as soon as they are finished.  They will only brew exactly the amount you pour in which will also help eliminate extra coffee that goes to waste.  They're constructed with advanced electronics and extremely high quality materials to provide years and years of hassle-free use.  They are available in sleek, modern styles and take up very little counter space.  They also require zero plumbing, which makes them very convenient and easy to transport from room to room or office to office.

Cafejo-Coffee-Maker-With-Water-DispenserA step up from the pour-over is the Automatic Thermal Brewer, a Cafejo coffee maker designed for 5-100 coffee drinkers.  They do require plumbing, but they work with just the touch of a button and provide hot water for any need instantaneously.  The automatic brewing system can meet the coffee demands of even a large business, and their high-tech construction and durable materials will stand up to constant use for years.

The final option when considering a Cafejo coffee maker is the bottled water thermal brewer.  It's no secret that good water is key to good coffee, and since coffee is 98.5% water, it's only logical to ensure that the water being used is pure, filtered water.  The rest of the machine functions much like the pour-over thermal brewer, and also does not require plumbing.

All of the machines are ideal for offices, restaurants, care-taking facilities and any location in which quick, simple, good coffee is needed for a large quantity of people.  Don't make your guests settle for one type of stale coffee that's been sitting around, and don't force yourself to clean pots and throw out filters of coffee.  Cafejo eliminates the work and hassle typically associated with making coffee, and it does so in a manner that you can provide good coffee unique to each person's wants. 

Cafejo Coffee Portion Packs and Pods

Because one's taste's for coffee often change on a daily basis, Cafejo coffee pods are the perfect solution and work with the Single Cup Cafejo coffee maker.  Choose from a variety of series:

    • Gold Series (More coffee in the pod = more flavor) Cafejo-Coffee-Pods
    • Dark Roasts (Sumatra, Adrenaline Explosion, Espresso Gold, Guatemala, French Roast, Vienna, Espresso Italiano
    • Medium Roasts (Colombian, Signature, Costa Rica, Caramel Creme)
    • Light Roasts (Kona, Vanilla Bean, Hazelnut Creme)
    • Flavors (Vanilla Bean, Caramel Creme
    • Decaf (See above)
    • Variety (Boxes of 4 & 12)

Cafejo portion packs are designed for the rest of Cafejo's coffee machines and pour in easily to guarantee just the right amount of flavor for an exact water measurement.  Choices include:

  • Colombian
  • French Roast Cafejo-Portion-Pack
  • Adrenaline Explosion
  • Signature Blend
  • Sumatra


  • Kona Blend
  • Espresso Italiano
  • Decaf Colombian
  • Breakfast Blend


Cafejo Tea Pods

For the tea drinkers in your office, you can easily provide an extensive array of Cafejo tea pods that work just like the coffee pods.  No mess, no hassle!  Choices include:

  • ChaiCafejo-Tea-Pods
  • Earl Grey
  • English Breakfast
  • Lemon Sunrise
  • Tropical Breeze
  • Orange Blossom
  • Green Citron
  • Green Passion Fruit Cafejo-Orange-Tea-Pods
  • White Lavender
  • Red Raspberry
  • Chamomile (Herbal)
  • Hibiscus/Mint (Herbal)
  • Lipton
  • Green