BUNN Coffee Pots

BUNN Coffee Pots for Commercial Use

BUNN Commercial coffee potsOne of the great features of BUNN coffee machines is that all of their decanter options can be used interchangeably within any BUNN coffee brewing system.  This allows you to choose from their variety and select those that meet your specific needs for heating, serving and with regard to style.  Whether you're looking for their regular glass decanters, the Easy Pour selection, or their classic and thermal stainless steel decanters, all commercial BUNN coffee pots have a 64 ounce capacity, quite a bit larger from a standard 50 ounce coffee pot.  In addition, they are all approved by the National Sanitation Foundation and are therefore guaranteed to be safe for all potable water applications.  Your servers will appreciate the black and orange marked handles clearly delineating regular from decaf, and for one of the best coffee pots on the entire market, you will be hard pressed to top BUNN's Easy Pour decanter version.


Easy Pour BUNN Coffee Pots

BUNN Easy Pour Coffee PotWe highly recommend BUNN Easy Pour coffee pots for any and all commercial areas, especially those in high traffic and demand areas.  These coffee pots are built to endure!  The base is made of stainless steel as opposed to glass like most carafes, a brilliant idea on BUNN's part to eliminate the chance for overheating and creating that terrible burnt taste that no coffee lover will appreciate or even attempt to get down.  There are bound to be days when the food orders come in faster than you can manage to keep up with and your coffee pot sits on the warmer longer than you intended.  This feature eliminates that as ever being problematic again.  They also offer you increased use and longer lasting life thanks to the BUNN design that uses a one-piece construction with the container and handle core molded together as one.  Forget your handle snapping off if dropped.  This coffee pot is going to stick together no matter what.  Compliance with FDA regulations gives you one more assurance of safety for your customers, and because if offers the exclusive BUNN design that's drip-proof and has a fast-pour lip, you can pour quickly and cleanly from the front as well as from both sides without chance for spilling or dripping on unsuspecting customers or countertops.

Additional Uses for BUNN Coffee Pots

Orange JuiceEven BUNN recognizes that BUNN coffee pots aren't just for coffee!  They make excellent and attractive servers for all sorts of beverages.  Use them to serve a mid-day offering of hot and iced tea, perhaps cold juice selections for breakfast or a comforting mug of hot cocoa on a chilly day.  They are very affordable and make it easy to have multiples on hand for whatever the occasion may be.  They also make great serving vessels for hot foods like soup.  Keep your soup offering warm on the decanter until dinner time and then you'll finally be able to elegantly pour into a bowl and not risk splashing and dealing with messy, slopping pouring or ladling. 


Cleaning BUNN Coffee Pots

All BUNN coffee pots are conveniently made and designed to be dishwasher safe.  A gentle cleaning with hot water and soap along with routinely washing in the dishwasher should be more than adequate to keep any of the BUNN coffee decanters clean and safe for use.  However, a de-scaling process once a month is recommended to reduce your chances for buildup accumulating and will quickly get your coffee pot looking back to new even after extensive use.  BUNN carries a variety of cleaning products, including:

  • Kay-5 -- sanitizer and cleaner

  • Dezcal -- a scale remover in powder form, for brewer and server

  • TABZ -- cleans brew basket and server, cuts dust and waste

    If you prefer to clean a BUNN coffee pot on your own, we recommend a simple 5 part 1 part white vinegar solution.  Brew this through your coffee pot and allow it to pour into your decanter.  The vinegar will help to descale any built-up coffee oils on the decanter.  For coffee pots that need extra cleaning, add a handful of rock salt and swirl it around in the decanter.  The edges of the salt will help to polish the entire inside of the decanter, leaving it looking fresh and brand new.

    The Choice is Yours

    Whether you're looking for extra decanters or just a single replacement decanter, BUNN's coffee pots are one of the top offerings and are guaranteed to impress you with their durability and style.  Go browse our selection of BUNN coffee pots and BUNN coffee makers to see which choice is right for you.