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Italian made, quality made, Brasilia is the "Italian Flair" of the espresso world!  This Italian company has an extensive line that's now spread out in over 100 countries around the world, creating world class espresso.  They particularly prides themselves on combining "shape with functionality."  What does this stand for?  At its core, it means top of the line, incredible machines.  It means that you will never find a Brasilia espresso machine that is not the epitome of style and class nor one that is not constructed without the utmost care or without the highest quality in materials.  If you want the best of the the espresso machines, particularly for commercial use, the Brasilia is one of our top choices.

Every espresso machine and coffee maker is made in Retorbido, Italy, where Brasilia has been making and perfecting their products for over 30 years.  Every machine is original in both features and design, whether it's the classic Cadetta or the futuristic Belle Epoque, and they are made to meet every one of your needs when it comes to espresso.  It's not only the big things Brasilia does, its the little things, like angling their handles at a 10 degree tilt for a more natural, comfortable grip for the user.  They are a company that cares about you, the barista, and you the espresso drinker.  Always growing, always innovating, Brasilia now has over 70 patents to its name.

*To ensure your satisfaction and safety, they have met the requirements for the Quality Management System, and they are RoHS compliant.  In addition, they manufacture according to all of the following international agencies' standards for approval: CE, NSF, ETL, UL, TUV, IRAM, PCT and UDT.  Whether you're searching for a product or for your home, know they were designed with your safety in mind first and foremost.

Brasilia Brasilia Cadetta Espresso MachineCadetta

According to Brasilia, it's the brand new Cadetta that has become one their most recent best sellers, and when we looked over the specs and features, we can easily see why.  It's one of the sleekest machines on the market, and can produce up to 6 shots at a time.  It's available with 1, 2 or 3 group heads -- each dispenses two shots at a time -- automatic or semi-automatic, and works with pods or ground coffee.  It comes complete with their Rossi brewing system, is sleek, modern and ideal for any environment, and offers a cup warmer, a swiveling steam arm, and can be ordered with a fully automatic delivery system or a continuous push-button system.

Brasilia Opus Espresso Machine -- The Best Espresso Machinebrasilia opus espresso machine

The Brasilia Opus has been deemed by Brasilia itself: "The BEST extraction. The BEST espresso.  The BEST cappuccino.  The BEST machine."  They call it the Best Espresso Machine on the Market because of it's extraction process, a PressurePlus brewing cycle which they believe is even better than a a lever machine.  You will be impressed not only with the intensity of the espresso, but with the superiority of its crema as well.  It has a Tempdrive system with three independent temperature controls: the main boiler, group head balancing boiler and the main boiler itself.  It will keep each temperature within plus or minus 0.5 degrees Celsius of the desired temperature, all while maintaining full strength steam pressure.  It also froths milk at a rate 30% faster than typical espresso machines, ideal for making mixed espresso drinks without losing precious espresso heat waiting for the milk to finish.

brasilia coffee grinder

Brasilia Coffee Grinders

While known and built upon a reputation for their espresso machines, Brasilia coffee grinders merit your attention as well.  They offer four different varieties, and offer you a choice between flat burr grinders as well as flat blade grinders.  With micrometric adjusting devices, one of the quietest operation systems on the market, productivity as high as 9 KG per hour and adjustable dosing and grinding time settings, you can easily grind and produce ground coffee for both commercial use as well as for resale.