Black & Decker Coffee Makers
Affordable Quality

Since 1916 when Black & Decker filed its first patent, they have become a name synonymous with innovation and durable, long lasting products that offer affordable quality. On the forefront of design, Black & Decker continually prides itself on breaking ground with lighter, smaller and better home products that make life simpler and more enjoyable. When considering your next purchase, Black & Decker coffee makers definitely merit your attention.

True Story

2010 marks the official 100th anniversary for Black and Decker. The foundation of this company is based upon taking the initiative to design and produce products to meet consumers' changing demands, and the enthusiasm which began this company is still surging just as strong today, 100 years later. It was 1910 when two men, Alonzo G. Decker and S. Duncan Black officially began The Black & Decker Manufacturing company out of Baltimore, Maryland. They started by making and selling industrial products that had previously been invented by others, but within just six years, they were designing and manufacturing their own power tools, and a mere year later they opened their own plant. By 1946, they brought out the world's first power tool to the consumer market, by 1984 the small-appliance business was launched and the path for perfecting the home coffee maker was laid. Today they offer a wide variety of affordable products to meet basic needs of every home.

About Black & Decker Coffee Makers

Black and Decker Drip Coffee Maker

Now a household name, Black & Decker products are some of the smartest and most convenient on the market. Their coffee market primarily lies in the Black and Decker   home coffee makers and features a wide range that goes from 12 cup to1 cup, making it a practical brand choice for just about any size household or office. Smart designs like the SpaceMaker take into consideration counter space and ideas like the Sneak-A-Cup feature get the fact that sometimes coffee and patience just have no business being together in the same sentence! It helps when your brand of choice clearly realizes that the last thing you want to do at 5 a.m. is worry about a complicated set of instructions to make a simple, good cup of coffee.

Black and Decker Coffee Makers -- Making it Easy!

Everything about Black and Decker coffee makers is designed to make the process as quick and easy for you as possible.

  • 2-Hour Auto Shutoff
  • Warming Nonstick Carafe Plate
  • Easy-View Water Window
  • Cord Storage
  • Perfect Pour Carafe
  • Sneak-A-Cup Feature
  • Auto Brew Black and Decker Coffee Grinder
  • Programmable Clock

What Else?

Black & Decker has also branched out into coffee grinders, for those who are convinced that nothing makes a cup of coffee like freshly ground beans do. Their coffee grinders also have the ability to meet just about any need and can grind fine enough to make extra-fine Turkish coffee and coarse enough to use easily in any French Press.

Making a Difference

Black and Decker coffee makers represent a brand you can feel good about standing behind and supporting. Not only are they taking the initiative to make a difference through products that find their way into your personal homes, but they are also actively involved in communities across the U.S., including: Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Junior Achievement, American Cancer Society, CHOC Cancer Institute, Special Olympics, and the Americorps. Make a purchase that has an effect in the world around you with a company that has more on their mind than a bottom line.