Best Espresso Machine Under 200

When it comes to espresso machines, many of us don't even consider looking at them or shopping for one because we assume they're too far out of our price range.  And, if you're thinking in terms like: basic coffee machine equals $50 dollars and a basic espresso machine equals $500 dollars, that makes sense.  But, the good news is that there are plenty of espresso machines well under $500, and even some fantastic offerings at half that price.  For those shopping on a budget but not shopping for poor quality, your options are still excellent and vast as well.  You'll end up saving yourself countless dollars that you would have spent on $4 dollar espresso shots at your local coffee shop, and you'll actually have your espresso machine paid off in no time.  So, let's get started! The staff at CHD would like to introduce you to their pick for the best espresso machine under 200 dollars: the Cuisinart EM-100 Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine.

Why Cusinart?
Cuisinart Logo

We love a Cusinart product for many reasons.  Cuisinart is, above all, dedicated to their products and ensuring that they're designed to help you "Savor the Good Life." This is seen in the user friendly features that their machines offer, the innovations designed to save you time, and the ingenuity that leads to better beverages as a result of their research.  If you think it's for the average, think again.  Notorios past chefs like Julia Child and James Beard used Cuisinart, as do some of today's finest, including Hubert Keller an Jacques Pepin.  Though they may not have roots in Italy or warehouses in Vienna, Cusinart still knows their espresso and this machine proves that.

Why the Cusinart EM-100 Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine?

When breaking down our offerings of what we could possibly consider to be the best espresso machine under 200, the choice was tough.  But, we had to base it on what it brings to the customer, the extra offerings and the extra perks.  But, let's get the basics aside so you know what you're really looking at here:

Basic Features of the EM-100Cuisinart EM-100

Bar Pressure: 15
Why you'll like: The minimum requirement for bar pressure in an espresso machine is as low as 9 bars of pressure.  15 bar pressure rivals top espresso machines in the $1,000 dollar range and guarantees an excellent pull and a terrific shot of intense espresso.

Portafilter: Pod or ESE
Why you'll like:  Not only can you use freshly ground coffee beans of your favorite blend and grind, on busy mornings, you can also opt to toss in an ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pod.  There's almost nothing easier when it comes to espresso than a pod.  No prep work, no cleanup, and only about 30 seconds of wait time.  We think you'll love that.

Steam Wand: Attached
Why you'll like: The steam wand is notoriously one of consumer's favorite aspects of this machine.  You can find espresso machines around this price rather easily, but generally they will not have a steam wand, which, for espresso fanatics, is crucial.  This wand not only steams and froths milk for delicious lattes, it also doubles as a hot water dispenser which makes Americanos a breeze.

Extra Perks of the EM-100

To make a choice fitting for our best espresso machine under 200, there have to be some perks.  Here are our favorites:

Warranty: 3 years
Why you'll love: Who doesn't love a three year warranty?!  Cuisinart is a lot more than talk, they back their products with solid, long-lasting warrnaties that allow you to make confident, secure purchases.  You'll also be very hard pressed to find another espresso machine under 200 with this type of warranty.

Included Items: Stainless steel frothing pitcher; Spoon that doubles as a tamper; Instructional DVD
Why you'll love: The DVD is going to save you wasted time and wasted coffee because you'll know exactly what you're doing.  And face it: a long boring manual or a fun DVD?  We like the DVD.  If you're used to making coffee and haven't gotten the hang of tamping yet, you'll appreciate the tamper.  And, an included pitcher?!  It not only saves you the trip to the store and the cost of buying a new pitcher, it's designed to match your espresso machine.

Super User Friendly: Limited buttons!
Why you'll love: If you've ever seen the espresso machines with more levers, buttons and gadgets than you can possibly imagine using, you'll love the ease of mastering this Cuisinart espresso machine.  It's got a simple power On/Off, a pre-heating dial for the Steam/Hot Water and a three option dial for Steam/Hot Water/Coffee.

Professional Feel:  Built-in cup warmer, commercial style steam wand, classy stainless steel finish. 
Why You'll Love:  Feel like you're a master barista with cups warmed to an ideal temperature, high quality froth and a fantastic shot of espresso.  Plus, you'll just wanna show the machine off, cause it looks good.

Oh, and did we mention, this whole thing is under $200 dollars? 
Wanna buy your very own?  It is, after all, the best espresso machine under 200.